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Sisk is undertaking the groundworks and development infrastructure for Phase Two of the Homes England-owned Northstowe development, situated along the Oxford to Cambridge Arc (which has been described as a super highway of science and technology), it is fitting that the site is using some of the industry’s most advanced construction plant. Sisk are working in partnership with Lynch Plant Hire on the project.

Northstowe is an object lesson in just what can be achieved when a contractor and plant/machinery supplier collaborate. As a result, highly skilled operators, Stage V powertrains (the main components that generate and deliver power, including the engine, transmission, drive shafts, differentials and the drive wheels/ continuous track) and the latest OEM innovations are all much in evidence.

Whilst undertaking the necessary demolition, remediation and groundworks at Northstowe, Sisk has been leading the way in safety and emissions. As a consequence, some of Lynch’s cutting-edge plant is in operation, including CAT 308 CR, Stage V 8-tonne units, Komatsu’s PC210LCi-10 Intelligent 20 tonne excavators, a HB215 Hybrid Komatsu in the same weight class, and 12 tonne 912F Hydrema ADTs, as well as the latest Wacker Neuson DualView site dumper technology.

Forward tipping dumpers have been controversial in construction and a wide variety of mitigations are now employed by manufacturers to address safety concerns. The seat in the Wacker Neuson Dual View solution can be safely re-positioned in seconds, the visibility is significantly enhanced and, with a cab specifically designed for the unit – which includes heating and air con – the welfare for the operator is dramatically improved.

With Komatsu’s Intelligent Machines providing what has been described as a ‘step change’ in operation. The Japanese manufacturer’s guidance and control system prevents over-digging, reduces fuel consumption and wear and tear, whilst equally improving safety by eliminating the need for surveyors to be working close to the machines.

Sisk is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and the plant at Northstowe is helping to realise that vision. The Komatsu Hybrid HB215 is designed to work at a very specific set of parameters, in terms of utilising the electric motor. The work it is undertaking on Northstowe (loading Articulated Dump Trucks) is perfectly suited to those parameters. It can reduce the machine’s fuel usage by as much as 40% and, given that Sisk are also using biofuel, there is a significant carbon reduction.

The HB215 works by charging the motor whilst slewing, with an electric swing motor/ generator capturing and regenerating energy as the upper structure slows down, converting it into electric energy. The captured energy is stored in the ultra-capacitor and used by the generator/ motor to assist the engine when it needs to accelerate.

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