Traffic Management that Meets all Demands

TfL have adopted the Healthy Streets Approach to improve air quality, reduce congestion and help make London’s diverse communities greener, healthier and more attractive places to live, work, play and do business.

  • Healthy Streets designed to tackle the physical inactivity crisis
  • Reduced traffic congestion on London’s streets
  • Better air quality and work aimed at making London a zero-carbon city
  • A reliable public transport system
  • An accessible and safe transport network

It is important we ensure temporary roadworks follow a similar direction and do not discourage sustainable transport. Balancing all highway requirements during roadworks is where the challenge begins.

Cadent Gas required the closure of a bi-directional cycle track that carries over 3000 cyclists in the peaks. There is a central reservation of 3m and three traffic lanes (two westbound). TfL worked closely with Cadent (Gas) to implement a traffic management design that maintained all traffic demands.

TfL have been trialling an alternative method of traffic management assessment which involves using a five point assessment check. This included understanding:

  1. The type of work, location and duration
  2. Existing road dynamics – traffic, speed, existing facilities and flows
  3. Works footprint including safety zone
  4. Measuring remaining capacity outside the works footprint
  5. Method of mitigation

By taking a collaborative approach, the outcome from implementing this method enabled the works to be completed safely and efficiently within the set timescales. The central reservation was used as a safety zone and by utilising the remaining 12m of carriageway, a bi-directional cycle lane was formed and three traffic lanes enforced by a 20mph zone. Road tape was used to mark out the temporary traffic lanes which remove the issues of damaging the road surface.

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