Water Treatment – Pipe Reactor

The CAR licensing requirements issued by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) required effluent from the Haudagain site not to contain any instantaneous sample more than 100 mg/L of suspended solids. Given this and the space constraints noted on site for typical SuDS measures such as settlement ponds, the project team endeavoured to develop a sustainable solution. Through our supply chain and environmental team, Farrans sourced the ‘Pipe Reactor’ from Frog Environmental. The Pipe Reactor utilises a blend of Anionic Polymers to treat silt laden waters and is noted to be environmentally safer and non-ecotoxic to aquatic life compared to other conventional treatment methods.

Representative soil samples were collected on site and submitted to Frog Environmental for testing, in turn securing a suitable blend of the Anionic Polymers (Water Lynx blocks) that would be most effective in the treatment of soil particles sampled on site. SEPA had raised concerns over this treatment option, regarding the degradation of the Water Lynx blocks, release rates and the operation, inspection and best practice. Their concerns were alleviated by a thorough response from the Frog Environmental team.

Through a combination of pumps, settlement tanks, the Pipe Reactor and a silt capture channel, the site has been able to maintain a high quality of water discharge, in turn ensuring the water discharge does not pollute the nearest water receptor, the River Don. This is a pioneering and well researched part of the project to increase awareness of water pollution, working closely with SEPA and Frog Environmental to achieve a robust solution for the project.

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