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Tool Tethering Learning Hub

Published 12 July 2021 | Written by Jordan Perrin
CategoriesCommunicate initiatives Controls Falling debris Workforce information Working methods

On this project they have come up with the idea of a Tool Tethering Learning Hub to help their operatives with understanding the importance of tool tethering to prevent injuries and near misses from occurring. Something they we stand by is ‘Nothing touches the floor’. This is very important as the site is a high rise frame with many of…

Improving Health and Safety Outcomes through Better Buildability

Published 12 July 2021 | Written by Alistair Guthrie
CategoriesCampaigns Communicate initiatives Management Workforce consultation Workforce information

As part of the contractor’s drive to improve health and safety outcomes the project team were asked to consider how better buildability could help contribute to this drive. The project prepared a paper titled ‘Improving Health & Safety Outcomes through Better Buildability’ and this has been taken into the wider business as best practice. A presentation was prepared alongside the…

Drone Mounted GPR Surveys

Published 12 July 2021 | Written by Jasvir Sandhu
CategoriesInitiatives Working methods

This contractor mounted a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) onto a drone to remove the constraint of having suitable ground conditions for a trolley mounted device as well as reducing the risk of a slip, trip or fall for the operatives. This development allows a GPR survey to be undertaken without the need to set foot on the ground. The sensor…

Teacher Information Packs

Published 5 July 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCareers advice Colleges Community liaison Schools

Schools and colleges have been impacted massively during the pandemic. They are increasingly worried about the creation of a generation of ‘lost’ students with no sense of aspiration or employment. On this project they were asked to support the Foundations client group and wider education communities suffering due to the global pandemic. After discussing the issues with the local college…

Promoting Oral Hygiene to the Workforce

Published 5 July 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesHealthy lifestyle advice

The company strive to provide ways for their employees and subcontractors to be both happier and healthier and it is seen that there are benefits of good oral hygiene. The mouth serves as a vantage point for detecting early symptoms of systemic diseases. Systemic diseases such as diabetes, often start to become apparent as a mouth lesion or other dental…

Lifecycle Carbon Analysis

Published 5 July 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCarbon management Management Reporting and offsetting

A Lifecycle Carbon Analysis initiative has been developed by this company and initially rolled out on their project. It is intended to provide not only a meaningful carbon report for design and long term running of the facility but also to provide real-time, stage 4 design based project date as a base line for comparison of future leisure style projects….

Drainage Storing Racking

Published 5 July 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesInitiatives Layout and tidiness Organisation

The site is utilising drainage storage racking to enable the neat storage and ease movement of pipes and fixings that can be taken via forklift to the place of work. The drainage storage racking supports a tidy site minimising slip, trip and falls and manual handling, unnecessary walking around site and potential injuries. The use of drainage storage racking also…

CCTV and Facial Recognition

Published 5 July 2021 | Written by Brian Cole
CategoriesControls Initiatives Protected and controlled access Reporting Risk information

This contractor has implemented a CCTV sentry system to aid the site management with controlling health and safety requirements. The benefits of this system are: Hard hat detection: If no hard hat is detected on an operative then a notification with the image of event is instantly sent to the team. Face mask detection: This detects if an individual is…

TEMPO System

Published 21 June 2021 | Written by Hakim Nazerali
CategoriesInspections Reporting Working methods

In order to ensure effective engagement with the workforce to improve their health, safety and wellbeing; care and protection to the environment; and exceed their stakeholders expectations, this contractor developed a TEMPO system and embedded the motto, ‘Keep to the TEMPO’, which is utilised in their Safe Systems of Work, Daily Activity Briefings, Temporary Works Management, HSEQ inspections, Environmental &…

Mush to Bloom

Published 21 June 2021 | Written by Sarah Fearon
CategoriesBiodiversity Planting Schools

The project team has developed a new environmental initiative – ‘Mush to Bloom’ which is a much loved workshop by kids and encourages creativity and innovation whilst conserving the environment. This workshop makes use of post consumer paper which is broken down by placing it into a bowl of water and pulped into a ‘mush’ before being moulded into different…

Caisson Shaft Manhole Construction for Deep Sewers

Published 21 June 2021 | Written by David Skinner
CategoriesPlant and machinery Working methods and equipment

This contractor were appointed by their client to install a new deep sewer at their Build-to-Rent scheme in Wandsworth, London. The contractor has been carrying out the demolition, contamination remediation, earthworks and groundworks since 2019 and these civils works are the final elements of their commission. Due to the proximity of the proposed sewer access chamber to the site boundary…

Special Projects Team of Early Career Young Professionals

Published 16 June 2021 | Written by Meena Bhogal
CategoriesApprenticeships Inclusion Management attitudes Mentoring Personal development

On this site a special projects team was set up, ‘Vision 2021’ which includes apprentices, graduates and young professionals from a range of disciplines across the project, mentored by a senior health and safety manager. The team assists the senior leadership team (SLT) in addressing specific challenges across the project, with the benefit of fresh eyes and approaches. The Vision…

Mental Health First Aid Training for Local Residents

Published 16 June 2021 | Written by Alice Mann
CategoriesAccess to health practitioners Counselling services Healthy lifestyle advice Mental health Mental health first aiders

This contractor ran an accredited Mental Health First Aid training course in collaboration with their scaffolding subcontractor. Members of the local community and organisations were invited to attend with the aim of targeting those who could make best use of the knowledge and skills they have learnt to support the wider community. The two day accredited course enables attendees to…

Crane Enclosure Redesign to Improve Health and Safety

Published 16 June 2021 | Written by Alice Mann
CategoriesBoundary security Property security Site security

This contractor have worked in collaboration with their tower crane business team, the client and police liaison to completely redesign their existing crane base enclosure system to improve health and safety. Previously, mesh panels were connected to the anti-climb fan of the crane to create a 6-metre-tall lockable security enclosure which prevented access to the crane for unauthorised personnel, both…

Sample Panel on the Hoarding

Published 16 June 2021 | Written by Charlene Millen
CategoriesEnclosures Entrance First Impressions standards Initial impressions

On this project, as is frequently the case, they had the obligation to provide a large-scale sample panel for client and planner approval. Approval for the sample panel sign off was required in March 2021 which was right in the height of the coronavirus lockdowns which meant a lot of people were working from home and restrictions were in place…