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QR Code on Products

Published 21 March 2019 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCompany contact information Public

We initially set this QR Code system up as a pilot scheme for our contract with Nottingham City Homes. Every product that we produce has a CE Declaration of Performance certificate, conscious of the amount of paper this would generate, we decided to utilise technology and combine this with our own bespoke database to produce a unique QR Code for…

Sustainability Quiz

Published 21 March 2019 | Written by Jack Heaney
CategoriesAwareness Schools

Galliford Try have created a sustainability quiz for the school as a new way to communicate environmental issues. The quiz aims to bring awareness and thought to the students in a fun way. The kids had to match up the picture to the estimated time it takes for some everyday items to decompose. Increasing waste volume is a major concern…

Emergency Black Box

Published 21 March 2019 | Written by Stephanie Cole
CategoriesEmergency procedures

We have recently implemented a Emergency Black Box at our Global Point Recladding Project. The purpose of the black box is in the event of a serious accident, emergency or incident on site, we have a point of call that will provide an ‘idiot’s guide’ on what to do ‘Step by Step’. It is presumed that in the event of…

Smart Worker System

Published 18 March 2019 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCommunicate initiatives Identification of near misses Initiatives Recording accidents

The Smart Worker System has been developed to utilise the latest technology to improve road worker safety, and change operational behaviour. The Smart Worker combines smartphone applications, cloud computing, video analytics and Bluetooth technology to contribute to a reduction of the risks associated with competency, people plant interface and traffic management incursions. The Smart Worker causes blue warning cones to…

Building Communities at Elderberry Walk

Published 18 March 2019 | Written by Cecilia Cristie
CategoriesCommunity liaison Cooperation Legacy

The Elderberry Walk development is situated in Southmead, Bristol, an area that experiences high levels of social deprivation. As part of a commitment to building efficient and sustainable communities, ENGIE has integrated well into the local area. As the development progresses, the team has even been able to stretch the complied budget of £100k (£50k from United Communities and £50k…

Hybrid Excavators

Published 12 March 2019 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesAir quality Energy saving measures Minimised fuel use Mobile machinery

J. Murphy and Sons Ltd has developed Hybrid 360 Degree Excavators. The excavators use an all electric swing motor generator system to capture and regenerate energy as the machine is operated, the energy is then converted and stored. Stored energy can be used for the machine swing or to assist the acceleration of the engine. This decreases diesel usage and…

Fast Beam Technology

Published 12 March 2019 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesInitiatives Scaffold protection Working methods

Fast Beam is an innovative, safe and extremely productive bridge access system, enabling repair and construction works. From straight to curved bridges and platforms, it is specifically designed to minimise space and traffic disturbance. The system is quicker to install than any other seen in the UK, with a three-man team being able to install 50 metres in an eight…

Willmott Dixon Interiors take on Digital Business Cards to Reduce Waste

Published 12 March 2019 | Written by Hayley Newman
CategoriesRecycle Supply chain Workforce

As part of their commitment to reducing waste, in 2019, Willmott Dixon Interiors brought the humble business card into the 21st Century by going digital. The cards, made from 100% recyclable PVC, have an embedded NFC chip offering a ‘tap and scan’ feature. When the card is activated, a branded page appears with a link to the Willmott Dixon Interiors…

Elide Fireball

Published 4 March 2019 | Written by James Barker
CategoriesEmergency procedures Escape routes

The Elide Fireball Kit is rated for class A, B, C and electrical fires. Its use is ideal for retail, industrial and commercial areas. The fire extinguisher ball comes with mounting cradle to hold the fireball in place. It can be placed on to a flat surface or attached to a wall in high risk areas. The ball emits a…

Moodzone Booklet

Published 4 March 2019 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesHealthy lifestyle advice Mental health

Over the last few years, figures have suggested that the male suicide rate in construction can be three times the national average. We at Northern Gas Networks would like to help tackle those numbers and keep our workforce healthy and happy, both in the body and mind. The Moodzone booklet has been put together to provide helpful hints and tips…

Taunton Area Cycle Network

Published 4 March 2019 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCommunity liaison Cooperation Facilities for visitors Goodwill

In support of the Taunton Area Cycle Network, the site team have introduced an innovative, practical approach to encourage cycling in the area. The site team’s three-step approach comprises of the following: Displaying the campaign’s cycle network tube map on the site hoarding adjacent to the cycle path to raise awareness of the campaign and to offer cyclists the chance…

Vehicle ‘Selfie’

Published 4 March 2019 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCompany vehicles Layout and tidiness Offsite appearance Tidiness

Company operations at T Gilmartin Ltd involve operatives working out of vans and in occupied premises. The company places great importance on operatives personal appearance and the cleanliness of their vehicles. Every morning, the operatives are required to submit a ‘selfie’ via their PDA back to the Head Office, in addition to providing a logging in record, which enables the…

Two Minute Litter Pick

Published 4 March 2019 | Written by Sarah Chipperfield
CategoriesDebris Litter

Out of the material we have left on site, we have created four “Two Minute Litter Pick” stations for the public. They are placed at each elevation of the site perimeter. The idea is that the public are encouraged to recycle and dispose of general waste in the litter bins provided as they walk around the site to their daily…

Noise Mitigation – Environmental Monitoring

Published 25 February 2019 | Written by Breffni Quinlivan
CategoriesImprovement Monitoring

The ‘Live Noise Screen’ has been facilitated through the development of intuitive algorithm data processing, and will mark a stepped improvement in holistic team orientated management of noise on site. The concept of the Live Noise Screen: Rather than monitoring data, Noise Screen displays only focused information in the context of trigger levels. At the start of each period, a…

Digital Daily Briefing and Notice Boards

Published 25 February 2019 | Written by Jane Elder
CategoriesCommunicate initiatives Daily briefing Initiatives Workforce information

The team have installed five digital screens which systematically display live and up-to-date site information, including: Daily briefing information What’s on Site safety bulletins and alerts Current SHE promotions Site awards Weather Number of operatives, first aiders, SMSTS and SSSTS in categories. Operatives prior to going on site, or at breaks, receive current site information. On feedback forms, we have…