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Earning the Carbon Literacy Trust Accreditation

Published 24 February 2020 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCarbon footprint reporting Energy saving measures Minimised energy use Reduce Sustainable solutions

Galliford Try have been accredited as a Carbon Literate organisation by the Carbon Literacy Trust. Carbon Literacy is defined as “An awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis”. Accreditation was achieved by delivering a training programme to their staff and supply chain…

Supplementary Bus Service Provided to Residents

Published 24 February 2020 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesAdvance notice of disruptive works Local and special needs Routes

During Weatherhead’s Balfour Street Co-op project, the convenience store was temporarily closed. To minimise disruption to residents, Weatherhead negotiated with the local bus company to provide a twice daily supplementary service so residents could visit an alternative convenience store. Residents were provided with a timetabled route and public transport vehicle. They were also informed of pick-up and drop-off times in…

Biodegradable Overshoes

Published 24 February 2020 | Written by Patrick Smith
CategoriesAir quality Green purchasing Plastics and packaging Post-completion impact Reduce Sustainable solutions

As part of Mace’s Time to Act campaign to reduce single use plastics on site, the Hanover Square project team procured oxo-biodegradable overshoes rather than the widely used non-biodegradable overshoes. During fit-out and installation of permanent floor finishes, a significant number of overshoes can be used to access apartments or specific areas each day, creating a high volume of single-use…

Providing Evidence of Compliance with the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act.

Published 17 February 2020 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCommunity liaison Corporate Social Responsibility action plan Goodwill Public

The site team collated all of their site’s information regarding community benefits which comply with the requirements for The Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act. The Act requires public bodies in Wales to consider the long-term impact of their decisions, to work better with people, communities and each other, and to prevent persistent problems such as poverty, health inequalities and…

Anti-Drug Campaign

Published 17 February 2020 | Written by David Taylor
CategoriesAlcohol testing Attitudes Drugs and alcohol policy Drugs testing Healthy lifestyle advice Management

Following a project safety stand down at the beginning of the year, and regular drug and alcohol testing carried out on site, the team have engaged with the workforce on an anti-drug campaign. A drugs and alcohol testing specialist has joined the site in carrying out regular testing and delivering presentations to the workforce in order to highlight the issues…

Wearable Epilepsy Management Watch

Published 17 February 2020 | Written by Mark Robson
CategoriesEmergency procedures Health screening Injuries Medical conditions Reporting Risk information

This innovation stems from the policy to carry out an occupational health risk assessment on all personnel. As a result, an individual who suffers from epilepsy was identified as being at potential risk when carrying out their work. The company identified a watch made by a Empatica, which is able to recognise changes in a person that could result in…

Providing Additional Protection to Lone Workers

Published 17 February 2020 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesEmergency contact details Emergency procedures Occupational health risks Safety plan updated Stress Supervision Working methods

What is a Lone Worker? By definition, “lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision”. Whilst working alone is perfectly legal, employers must take their duty of care very seriously. With this in mind, A & E Elkins have considered the risks to their workers’ safety and the challenges they face working in the locations…

Site Parking

Published 17 February 2020 | Written by Matthew Deadman
CategoriesAir quality Minimised fuel use Operative behaviour Programming Residents Sensitivity to neighbours

The site encourages the workforce to use public transport as much as possible, but if the need does arise for them to have to drive to work taking into account the limited amount of parking in and around London, they are given access to an app to use which allows them to park on a local residents’ driveway for a…

HAVS Calculator App

Published 17 February 2020 | Written by Amy Stockton
CategoriesInitiatives Management Medical conditions Occupational health risks Worker fatigue

At CR Civil Engineering, we know how important it is to minimise workers exposure to Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVs) and how difficult it can be to calculate exposure if multiple tools are used in one shift. To help, we have developed a smartphone app which Site Managers and Foremen can use to make the calculation as simple as possible….

Prototype Pyrolysis Plant

Published 10 February 2020 | Written by Trish Schroeder
CategoriesEnergy saving measures Environmental policy promoted Implementation Re-use Recycle Sustainable solutions

This company has a policy to bring environmental/ecological benefit to the area and natural environment whenever appropriate. The Environment Agency have announced that they will be classifying all demolition wood arising from projects as “hazardous waste” with effect from July 2020, unless proven otherwise. The company know this will create a real problem for the demolition and construction industry, so…

Cartridge Tube Opening Device

Published 10 February 2020 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesFirst Aid Injuries Working methods

Traditionally cartridges are opened with a fixed blade knife. This presents a safety issue due to risk of the knife slipping. To resolve this, the site team are using a tool that is designed specifically to open a cartridge and trim the application nozzle. The tool has internal fixed blades that are guarded to protect the user from injury. The…

NRMM Information Leaflet

Published 3 February 2020 | Written by Ricardo Pinto
CategoriesAir quality Idling vehicles Plant and machinery Signage

JRL Group are committed to helping London tackle one of the most significant environmental challenges currently facing the city – air pollution. One way we can contribute to resolving this issue is by ensuring all plant and machinery are compliant with the latest Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) requirements. JRL Group believe that taking a hands on approach to sharing information…

MEWP Real Time Safety System

Published 3 February 2020 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesInitiatives Reporting Risk information Supervision Working methods

On Laing O’Rourke Infrastructure’s Blackburn Batch Project, there are 15 Mobile Elevating Work Platforms operational. To increase safety, the site team has designed a real time system for ensuring all safety checks are carried out. It monitors speed and idling time, and ensures only authorised operators are able to start a machine. If necessary, it can remotely switch off plant…

Remotely Monitoring Railway Lines

Published 3 February 2020 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesInitiatives Working methods

Balfour Beatty’s Hatfield Link Road Project involves the installation of a road bridge over a main railway line. Due to this, the site team were required to understand how their work could affect the rail’s stability and alignment/level. The methods that have previously been used are required to take place during pre-planned possessions/line blocks during night-shifts. Due to its time-consuming…

Time Clock Controlled Mains Water Supply

Published 3 February 2020 | Written by Patrick Smith
CategoriesReduce Sustainable solutions Water saving measures

The City Gate House project team installed a series of water efficiency measures (as part of the temporary services package) to reduce water consumption during construction. This included a time clock control on the mains site water meter, with a solenoid valve switching off the water supply to the entire site during non-working hours. This eliminates the risk of leaks…