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Emergency Contact and Medical Information for Temporary Site Visitors

Published 2 June 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesVisitor information Visitor medical details

The Site Manager has devised a system for recording the information for visitors to the site as the use of ICE tags attached to site helmets is for long term site personnel. The system is for short term visitors and consists of a plastic ‘see through’ envelope with a red border. The envelope contains a card and on one side…

Comin Noise, Dust and Vibration Sensors

Published 2 June 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesAir quality Dust Dust prevention Monitoring and reporting Noise Working methods and equipment

This project implemented the use of Comin on site to monitor in detail noise, dust and vibration. This project was the first in the UK to implement this initiative. The smart sensors attached to Comin can detect noise in detail and specify during the alert what type of noise it is and which area of the site it comes from….

Happy Growing

Published 24 May 2021 | Written by Samantha Butterworth
CategoriesPlanting Schools

Happy Growing is an eco-friendly “grow-your-own” kit. Understanding the concept of harvest-to-home, is essential to the environment and to sustainability in the future. Happy Growing is part of a wider campaign to be developed at Castle Park View and beyond, to assist families who live with no access to gardens. The hope is that they can experience and develop an…

GIS Isochrone Mapping

Published 24 May 2021 | Written by Tom O'Reilly
CategoriesEfficient fuel use Energy saving measures Investigation Planning Travel plans

At this contractor, typically the decision to select a waste management company will be determined by which member of the supply chain has put themselves forward to cover a certain postcode area. Whilst location is generally the main factor behind a waste companies decision to provide their service in a select area, many are happy to travel significant distances which…

Recycling Site Accommodation Furniture

Published 20 May 2021 | Written by Emily Bailey
CategoriesEnergy saving measures Re-use Recycle Sustainable procurement Sustainable solutions

This company have been developing solutions to reduce furniture waste. This initiative addresses the seemingly simple re-use of site accommodation furniture, which is notoriously complex in application. Challenges presented within the process of successfully uplifting, managing and redistributing products include; Time limited site access and requirement for qualified personnel Low value furniture products vs high labour cost Inconsistent stock:demand ratios…

Inclusive Workforce Board Game

Published 20 May 2021 | Written by Lucy Austin
CategoriesConsultation Diversity Equality Inclusion

This contractor has implemented an inclusion workshop featuring the interactive board game ‘Equally Yours’ on their projects. The game required participation from 24 volunteers which were split into two groups of 12 with the session held on Microsoft Teams. Participants included staff from various disciplines to ensure that the participants accurately represented the team. Launching in conjunction with International Women’s…

First Aid Audio Instructions

Published 20 May 2021 | Written by Jeremy Bayliss
CategoriesDrills Emergency procedures First Aid

When First Aid is required, people can find themselves in a state of shock and despite having up to date First Aid training people might experience a brain fog resulting in lack of concentration and the inability to remember all the vital checks and first aid steps when faced with an emergency. At this contractor all their onsite staff have…

Farrans DNA Initiative

Published 20 May 2021 | Written by Clare Taylor
CategoriesDiversity Equality Inclusion

DNA – Diversify/Nurture/Accept. DNA is an initiative developed by three people within the contractor. It is a network aimed at all the protected characteristic groups (age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation), with the goal to build meaningful support networks to inspire and empower people so that they can…

Thermal Imagery Surveys

Published 5 May 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesEnergy saving measures Inspections Monitoring and reporting Working methods and equipment

Staff and relevant workforce have installed a thermal imagery camera app on their smartphones and tablets. The purpose for this is to see where or if there is any heat loss coming from the building, the building is being heated inside with a temporary blow heater at present which is more than adequate to produce enough heat to see where…

Interactive Electronic Residents Pack

Published 5 May 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesPre-start information Sensitivity to neighbours Site, company and out of hours contact information Updates

As a means of overcoming the poor image of the industry the typical handover and aftercare arrangements leave and as an environmentally friendly alternative to the usual bulky paper-based information pack for residents, the site has developed an interactive electronic pack for new residents. This contains videos showing how to operate various features of the property and also contains copies…

Intelliframe System

Published 5 May 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesTraffic management arrangements Utility works

The contractor has started to utilise the Intelliframe system which is utilised on the non-motorway road networks to enable real-time monitoring of signs critical to ensuring compliance and the safety of road users. The system makes it possible for the contractor to respond to events swiftly and remotely at works locations such as where signs have fallen over or where…

Improving Visibility for Wheelchair Users

Published 5 May 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesLocal and special needs Obstruction Public diversions Sensitivity to neighbours

The base of the scaffolding on the front elevation of the building has been built off the public footpath and encased in neatly decorated low level timber framing with a central circulation zone for pedestrians. To improve the visibility for wheelchair users at the intersection of a pavement crossover and busy highway, viewing panels have been created in the low…

COMET Root Cause Analysis Toolkit

Published 5 May 2021 | Written by Andrew Kinsey
CategoriesControls Initiatives Inspections Reporting Working methods

Investigation of accidents, incidents and near misses is essential if lessons are to be learned. Understanding root causes and associated human factors is important to prevent recurrence but is not always done or done well. COMET from STC Insiso is a product developed by professional investigators with major accident experience in the oil and gas sector which this contractor is…

Enviro Wheel Wash

Published 5 May 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesPlant and machinery Reduce Water saving measures

On this enabling works project, the site team are using an Enviro Wheel Wash. The Enviro wheel wash recirculates water in a lagoon using the water filtration technology. This significantly reduces the amount of water required and recirculates 100% of the water to reduce the sites impact on the environment. To find out more, click the link below.

Environmentally Friendly Concrete Washout

Published 20 April 2021 | Written by Sally Kinchin
CategoriesSpill control Storage of hazardous materials Working methods and equipment

A specially designed wash out skip was used in conjunction with concrete pump operations. The pan is designed to fit underneath the rear hopper, allowing the pump to wash out without spillage and the associated environmental risk. The Eco-Pan provider carry out a concrete collection service, so if there is no intended use for any excess concrete, it can be…