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Delivery Route Instructions – 3D Flythrough Video

Published 20 April 2021 | Written by John Cairns
CategoriesAccess/egress Communicate initiatives Driver information Initiatives Protected and controlled access Roads Workforce information

The contractor’s digital team have created a 3D flythrough video which is shared in advance with businesses scheduled to deliver materials to the National Treatment Centre project site in Inverness. The 3D flythrough video provides a delivery guide for all drivers including instructions for prebooking deliveries and identification which will be required upon arriving at site. The video visually illustrates…

Carbon Offsetting for Individuals

Published 29 March 2021 | Written by Aimee Nicol
CategoriesCarbon management Certifications Education Reporting and offsetting

Whilst delivering a virtual work experience programme with 24 young people, the contractor asked them to calculate their carbon footprint as part of a sustainability exercise in the course. In this task those on work experience calculated their carbon footprint from their daily total food emissions and their carbon footprint to find their total annual carbon footprint. The contractor is…

Barrier Bins

Published 29 March 2021 | Written by Lauren Banner
CategoriesLitter Public Rubbish

This contractor has implemented waste bins, named as ‘Barrier Bins’ on site. The bins have been specifically designed for location on the perimeter fence and pedestrian walkways to collect and segregate pedestrian waste to control potential litter and keep the site entrance clean and tidy. The barrier bin is a multi use initiative and can be used as a single…

3D Mask Inserts

Published 29 March 2021 | Written by Aimee Nicol
CategoriesInitiatives Occupational health risks PPE

There were issues brought up at the contractors health and safety meeting around some operatives not wearing face masks because they find wearing masks uncomfortable. The site team created a solution to this which is a 3D insert that helps breathing for those with health condition such as Ashtma. The inserts also help for those with hearing issues as people…

Powertrack Low Level Modular System

Published 16 March 2021 | Written by Simon Park
CategoriesInitiatives Lighting Working methods

On this project they have strived to find new products and ways to ensure that they increase safety, efficiency, sustainability and cost effectiveness. One product they have found is Powertrack, which is a low-level modular system which distributes lighting and power across construction sites, its made up of eleven profiles that can be moved and modified in minutes. They estimated…

Resident Progress Update Videos during the Pandemic

Published 8 March 2021 | Written by Iona Drummond
CategoriesNewsletter Public Updates

The contractor has introduced an exciting and cost effective way of showcasing progress through video newsletters. In response to coronavirus restrictions preventing the community visiting site in-person, the contractor has diversified communication away from hard-hat visits and resident meetings to digital video newsletters demonstrating progress that is otherwise impossible to observe. This has been a brilliant opportunity to increase the…

Operative e-learning Hub

Published 8 March 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesEmployed Personal development Training

The contractor has created an e-learning hub positioned on site which enables workers to take the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s e-learning courses and increase their knowledge of best practice. The contractor acknowledges that some of the workforce have a limited knowledge of the scheme so by implementing this Hub they can broaden their understanding of what the Considerate Constructors Scheme aims…

Fire Door Gap Measuring Tool

Published 8 March 2021 | Written by Steven Bromfield
CategoriesInitiatives Working methods

This project have identified the need to accurately measure the gap around fire doors. It is common practice to use a 3mm packer, however a packer is not calibrated and will not measure the door gap behind the front face of the door or frame. Often door frames are installed with packers to ‘twist’ the legs of the frame that…

Electric Heater used to Eradicate Propane Gas

Published 8 March 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesHybrid/electric plant Plant and machinery Working methods and equipment

This contractor have been using an electric heater has been developed in order to eradicate the use of propane gas on construction sites. The Etorch is a Hot Air torch that replaces the conventional gas torch in the drying and activation of self-adhesive bituminous membranes in the field sheet and up-stand application. It completes the drying process effectively and efficiently…

Collision Avoidance System

Published 8 March 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesChild safety Controls Cycle safety Cycle safety Driver information Pedestrian safety

The contractor is working with Safety Shield to trial and install their technology in their machines to create a safer working environment. This has been installed in all dumpers on site and is the most advanced AI collision avoidance system available for all vehicles and plant. The system utilises AI object recognition technology to detect vulnerable road users, pedestrians and…

Rainwater Harvesting and Wheel Wash

Published 1 March 2021 | Written by Michelle Waddington
CategoriesHarvesting rainwater Water saving measures

This project has implemented a water saving measure which seems obvious in retrospect and is capable of being applied on almost every site. Many sites use a small amount of rainwater for boot and tool washing and a few install complicated drainage arrangements that feed into toilet cisterns. With this initiative water from cabin roofs is drained into a storage…

Working Conditions Survey as Part of a Modern Slavery Strategy

Published 22 February 2021 | Written by Morane Senyarich
CategoriesConsultation Modern slavery

As part of the contractors strategy to help eradicate modern slavery, one of the projects conducted a working conditions survey among the site operatives in partnership with a survey provider. Each worker was invited to participate in this anonymous survey, to answer comprehensive questions about their working conditions, safety, and wellbeing. The survey process measured working conditions and helped to…


Published 22 February 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesPlant and machinery Working methods and equipment

The WaveWalker is a modified jack up barge, which is capable of manoeuvring under its own power and essentially walking along the seabed. This is the first time that a working platform of this kind has been used on the UK Rail network. The contractor have modified the WaveWalker to allow the piling works to be undertaken designing and installing…

Use of Drone Mounted Camera and Thermal Imaging to Detect Skylark Nests

Published 22 February 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesAwareness Birds Wildlife

This project is situated on a large greenfield site with surrounding woodland and is an ideal site for ground nesting birds. There is a need to locate and protect these nest sites and provide advice to the construction team. One of the contributing factors that influenced decisions to find alternate methods to ecological surveying and mitigation was the onset of…

Special Needs Local School Catering for the Site

Published 22 February 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesBusinesses Community liaison Labour Schools

The contractor were keen to make links to the local surrounding schools and charitable organisations and were pointed in the direction of a recently constructed Additional Needs School. Upon the first visit it was clear the contractor could do great things there and having seen the school canteen that was run by the pupils a plan was put together to…