Biophilic Façade

This project will be the first of it’s kind to have a Biophilic façade. It refers to the utilisation of live plant species and the creation of a ‘live’ environment cavity along the façade that could support the species. This cavity is designed to be a fully automated, irrigated, ventilated and climate controlled space.

Two layers of glass (double skin) form the ‘biophilic space’, and it is between these two layers where the vegetation will live and grow. Detailed analysis was undertaken of the reflectivity, solar gain, visual light transmittance and visual appearance of the glazing.

This was to ensure:

  • The vegetation could survive in the area under controlled conditions
  • The inside of the building would not overheat
  • Occupants can enter the double skin façade in comfortable conditions. (Access is achieved through double doors out to the balcony spaces)
  • The reflectivity of the outer glazing would not cause local stakeholders to be negatively impact.

The glass specification for the outer layer of glazing is a high performance glass coating known as Eurostar Silverstar Superskelet which allows for efficient thermal insulation and passive solar energy use. The g Value is 0,27 which indicates the transmittance of solar gain. The internal glazing type utilised was Saint Gobain Cool Lite Extreme 70/33 Extra Clear. This provided a g value of 0,31 and a visible light transmittance of 67%.

This glazing allows for a substantial lighting intake which reduces the demand on the artificial lighting required in the building. The team had to ensure the glazing could maximise light transmittance (up to 98% for the outer skin) while also minimising the reflectivity.

Footer Reference

Monitor Report. Mace. London. September 2023.

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