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Construction Map

Published 7 November 2017 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesClients Colleges Scheme training and champion Suppliers Supply chain Trade contractors Universities

The Considerate Constructors Scheme has launched the Construction Map to offer a single point of reference for construction activity across the UK and Ireland. This easy to use portal provides, for the first time, anyone – whether a member of the Public, future employees, or someone already within the industry – a unique opportunity to see what is happening in…

Interactive Hoardings

Published 16 June 2017 | Written by Gavin Thomas
CategoriesCommunication Enclosures First Impressions standards Viewing points

At Kier we believe that first impressions and site appearance play a massive part in how we are viewed by the outside world, neighbours, passers-by and the workforce. At our scheme Sports Park 2 we introduced a silhouette of a Sea Binocular to our hoarding to act as a viewing hole to the site. We then placed a weather proof…

Communicating environmental target achievements to the workforce

Published 16 June 2017 | Written by Sandy Sharp
CategoriesActual vs target Involvement Workforce

Communication is key on every site for so many different reasons. On site we have been set high targets to reduce our impact on the environment and are very proud of our workforce for exceeding these targets. We have printed and displayed posters in prominent areas of the site to showcase the fantastic environmental achievements of our workforce.

Public Site Progress Fly Through

Published 19 April 2017 | Written by Christina Thorn
CategoriesCommunication Enclosures First Impressions standards Updates

At Croydon University Hospital we have constructed a means for the public to easily view site progress photos, complete with the artist’s impressions, through a goggle type viewer in our hoarding linked to a tablet displaying a slideshow of images. This is a low budget, unique production with a professional output to involve the community and installed at a height…

Spotlight on… campaign posters

Published 17 March 2017 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesAlcohol testing Campaigns Diversity Drugs and alcohol policy Drugs testing Guidance Illegal workers Mental health Modern slavery Occupational health risks Posters Scheme posters/banners Signage Stress Workforce

Spotlight on… posters have been designed for general display in and around site welfare facilities. The Scheme has developed a collection of A3 posters from the series of ‘Spotlight on…’ awareness campaigns. This resource has proven valuable for display on site and raising awareness amongst the workforce and visitors. To purchase these products, click here. To download a free electronic…

Considerate Constructors Scheme Promotion on Slipform

Published 19 December 2016 | Written by Emmett Frawley
CategoriesBranding Corporate badging Scheme posters/banners Signage

JRL Group are promoting North Wharf Gardens Phase 2 site registration with the Considerate Constructors Scheme by displaying the CCS registration logo on the slip form. Light fittings have been installed to draw further attention to the Group Companies signage and the CCS logo that is displayed on them. This helps promote a professional image and allows the local community…

Site Zoning and Information Boards

Published 9 December 2016 | Written by Joe Walsh
CategoriesHazard board Notice board

At C405 Crossrail Paddington Station we are surrounded by sensitive receptors and listed buildings. Therefore, Costain Skanska Joint Venture (CSJV) are constantly working to improve our performance in terms of noise minimisation. In order to comply with our Section 61 agreement and to keep disturbance to a minimum, we split our site up into 2 different zones depending on their…

Community Project Room

Published 9 December 2016 | Written by Richard Charlesworth
CategoriesPublic Residents Updates

The development has built a dedicated project room which is open 5 days a week and is available for local residents to drop in and learn more about the project and what it will be like upon completion. This includes statistics about the construction process as well as the positive benefits to the local community. This is a client run…

Changeable Project Progress Board

Published 25 November 2016 | Written by Catriona Watson
CategoriesPublic Updates

A project progress board has been created on a spare wall within the project offices. The board is made of a vinyl back ground with some ledges to place project plans, photo updates or CGI images. As this is a fit out job, these ledges will also be used to showcase samples of materials which are being used on site,…

Bond St. Upgrade viewing gallery

Published 12 September 2016 | Written by Angelika Chraska-Pongo
CategoriesPublic Updates Viewing points

It can sometimes be a difficult task to show off the underground works to everyone who wants to see it. Sometimes not only difficult but time consuming as well as all the correct PPE equipment needs to be worn, extra care has to be taken to avoid disrupting the works and if the visitors are not very fit, then sometimes…

QR Code to Live Site Feed

Published 30 August 2016 | Written by Greg King
CategoriesEnclosures Pre-start information Site, company and out of hours contact information Updates Websites

We have introduced a QR Code to our external site hoarding noticeboards that take the user to the site website and a view of the site from the camera located on a nearby building. The location of the site in the City Centre and right next to a popular footpath and cycle way means that there is a lot of…

Collaborated Newsletter

Published 25 August 2016 | Written by Sarah Clark
CategoriesNewsletter Newsletter Public Sensitivity to neighbours Site, company and out of hours contact information Updates Workforce Working hours

Higgins Construction are working in Islington on the King Square Estate. The 148 week development comprises the construction of new mixed tenure accommodation including independent living space and landscaping on an existing estate. Amongst communicating with over 800 units, both commercial and residential, we are also neighbours with two other contractors who are working both on and next to the…

Specially Designed Hoarding Boards

Published 11 July 2016 | Written by Angelika Chraska-Pongo
CategoriesBranding Corporate badging Enclosures Entrance First Impressions standards Initial impressions Layout and tidiness Public concerns

Hoarding boards are used to help keep the site more secure, the hoarding boards are strong, versatile and could easily be moved around site. The compound fence was changed in consultation with the local stakeholders to improve the image of the site. The hoarding boards have been painted blue so that the fences would blend in with the surroundings. Installing…

Envirowrap scaffolding to minimise disturbance

Published 27 June 2016 | Written by Thomas Housecroft
CategoriesBranding Noise

Ensuring the safety of local residents, as well as visitors and the workforce, is of high importance during a construction project. We implemented the use of Enviro Wrap protection to the scaffolding to help reduce noise, improve safety and maintain the high quality appearance of Manchester city centre. The system not only protects the local community, but it shows respect…

Digital Health and Safety Solution

Published 5 May 2016 | Written by Rachel Peers
CategoriesCommunication First Impressions standards Initial impressions Pre-start information Risk information Site, company and out of hours contact information Updates Visitor information

Shrewsbury Street housing development, Trafford, is leading the technical revolution by using external digital pods to deliver up-to-the-minute Health and Safety information and improve on-site communication. Working with leading private TV network providers, Anomaly, they have become one of the first construction sites in the UK to install their latest Hi-Vis system developed specifically for the construction industry. The site…