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Sustainable Tower Lighting

Published 18 July 2016 | No comments
Written by Jack Lawrence
CategoriesConserve of energy Green/renewable energy
Working with Speedy, ATC implemented the UK’s first live trial on an active construction site of The SMC Solar-2 LED lighting tower. The lighting tower meets the industry’s demands for a sustainable, environmentally friendly and low maintenance lighting tower. The Solar-2 is Britain’s first solar lighting tower. Reliable, robust and offering instant light from four LED lamps, the SMC Solar-2...

Live Spill Response Training

Published 11 July 2016 | No comments
Written by Jack Lawrence
CategoriesInduction and training Spill prevention
Speed is a key element in spill response as the impact of a spill on the environment is proportional to the amount of time lost before a response occurs. From this exercise, the following outcomes were noted which were site specific but the general principles could apply to other sites: Ensure you know what substance has been spilt. Refer to...

Noise Prevention Techniques

Published 7 July 2016 | No comments
Written by Jack Lawrence
CategoriesCommunity impact Noise
The aim is to surround a concrete pumping system that include a remixer and a Putzmeister BSA 2110 HP-D Trailer-Mounted Concrete Pump (SWL 109dB) within an acoustic shed to minimise the ambient night-time noise level. Supplier information anticipates that the installation of the acoustic shed will reduce this number by up to 30 dB bringing the noise down to a...

Dust control agent

Published 7 July 2016 | No comments
Written by Jack Lawrence
CategoriesDust Water saving measures
Dust Ace is well suited for a variety of uses such as car parks, driveways and road shoulders where paving is too costly or not sustainable and where dust conditions become intolerable. Dust Ace coats individual road particles with a thin adhesive film that binds and packs them together for a stronger surface. Consequently, as well as “laying” dust, water uptake...