EcoNet Z-Lynk Power System

Published 8 February 2021 | No comments
Written by Sam Russell
CategoriesEfficient energy use Efficient fuel use Energy saving measures Reduce
On this project they have made use of the EcoNet ‘Z-Lynk’ generator system comprising two generators instead of one to reduce site accommodation fuel use. The system reduces peak power demand and saves out of hours energy consumption on heating and hot water. For a typical 10 cabin set-up, the site can run off a 40 kVA generator set up...

Anti Coronavirus Door Handle Safe Wraps

Published 8 February 2021 | No comments
Written by Sam Russell
CategoriesCleaning regime Occupational health risks
The project team has invested in Safe Wraps for door handles around the compound that have an anti-coronavirus coating. The wraps are proven to have resistance to coronavirus with an antimicrobial coating. The wraps have been used in schools but it is believed that this may be the first time they have been used on a construction project. To find...

Polystyrene Formers Used in the Core of a Pumping Chamber

Published 26 January 2021 | No comments
Written by Nicky Paine
CategoriesFlooding Supply chain Working methods and equipment
On this project, the changing climate and age have necessitated replacing the existing pumping station, thereby minimising flood risk to 1,500 residents, 500 businesses and 9,700 hectares in the local area. The pumping station will house 4 eel-friendly water pumps. This will enable it to pump 1.4 billion litres daily – put into context, 1 pump could empty an Olympic...

MEWP Mounted Mechanical Board Lifting Attachment

Published 11 January 2021 | No comments
Written by Richard Deaville
CategoriesInjuries Occupational health risks Supply chain engagement Working methods
One of the contractors suppliers working with adrylining specialists on the Midlands Metropolitan University Hospital project have developed, trialled and is now using a MEWP attachment that lifts boards. The system allows one person in a MEWP to install plasterboard ceiling panels and simplifies the positioning of plasterboard at ceiling levels. The system has reduced installation time and uses one...

Virtual Delivery Directions via QR Code

Published 14 December 2020 | No comments
Written by Duncan Gardner
CategoriesAccess/egress Driver information Language differences Language Differences Protected and controlled access Traffic management Visitor information Workforce information
The team at the IRR & BioQuarter Enabling infrastructure project in Edinburgh identified a need to provide clear instructions to delivery drivers arriving to site. As the site is adjacent to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and sits on the emergency access route for ambulances reaching the A&E department, it is of vital importance to ensure that deliveries can quickly and efficiently...

Envirohorn Drain Filters

Published 19 October 2020 | No comments
Written by Charles Stotesbury
CategoriesDrainage Spill control
Road gulleys are a fairly innocuous item in the road and most people do not realise that they are there. But as part of the new road alignment at East Wick & Sweetwater SIW the project team took part of the existing road network and therefore surface drainage into the site area, due to this there was a possibility of...

Promotion for National Inclusion Week

Published 12 October 2020 | No comments
Written by John Cairns
CategoriesDiversity Equality Inclusion Management attitudes
As part of promotion for National Inclusion Week during the week of 28 September 2020, Balfour Beatty published a video to share staff views on what inclusion means to them. This helps to raise awareness of inclusion and diversity within the workplace and the role we all play in creating an inclusive culture. Watch the video below.

Virtual Site Tours for Schools

Published 5 October 2020 | No comments
Written by John Cairns
CategoriesColleges Community liaison Legacy Schools
The project team arranged for a live transatlantic virtual site visit of one of their large construction sites in Philadelphia, USA for pupils at local secondary schools in North East Scotland as part of ongoing supports for a local Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) North East group. Pupils from Lochside Academy, Westhill Academy & Portlethen Academy joined the call to...

Digital Work Experience

Published 5 October 2020 | No comments
Written by John Cairns
CategoriesCareers advice Colleges Community liaison Goodwill Schools Suppliers Trade contractors
In May, Scape launched Learning in Lockdown, a virtual work experience programme for students aged 14-15. More than 300 schools and many thousands of students from across the UK joined Learning in Lockdown. The initiative was supported by over 150 people from 32 of the biggest names in construction, giving well over 200 hours of their time collectively. Overall, the...

Support for Graduate Apprenticeships

Published 15 September 2020 | No comments
Written by John Cairns
CategoriesApprenticeships Personal development Training
Balfour Beatty Site Engineer Fraser Conway has recently completed his 4 year civil engineering modern apprenticeship and has now progressed onto a new Graduate Apprenticeship Civil Engineering programme. Fraser joined Balfour Beatty in 2016 and is a former pupil at Northfield Academy. Fraser initially joined Balfour Beatty as an apprentice civil engineer working on the AWPR as was part of...

Openspace Reality Capture System 1 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 5

Published 15 September 2020 | No comments
Written by Bethany Welsh
CategoriesInitiatives Inspections Reporting
The Openspace reality capture system allows us to easily create an immersive visual record of progress on site in real time. 360 images are captured at half second intervals and stitched together to create a streetview style walkthrough that is mapped onto a 2D plan of the area using machine learning and object recognition technology. Captures from different days can...

Ensuring Compaction of Concrete While Maintaining Social Distance Guidelines

Published 15 September 2020 | No comments
Written by Ken Brown
CategoriesInitiatives Occupational health risks Working methods
Due to the restrictions with social distancing ensuring compaction of concrete was a problem as the concrete squad need to stay two metres apart, yet ensure the concrete was correctly distributed between the reinforcement and then compacted. The solution was to alter the mix design not only with a plasticiser, but with 10mm aggregate. After some trials to verify a...

Design Competition for Local Schools

Published 15 September 2020 | No comments
Written by John Cairns
CategoriesCorporate Social Responsibility action plan Schools
Local school pupils from Harlaw Academy and Aberdeen Grammar were supported to take part in a bespoke workshop sessions as part of a community project to mark the start of the transformation of Union Terrace Gardens (UTG) in Aberdeen. Local pupils completing sessions were asked to build models representing new elements of UTG project. The £25.7 million Aberdeen City Council...

Bridges to Schools Workshop

Published 15 September 2020 | No comments
Written by John Cairns
CategoriesCommunity liaison Schools
Balfour Beatty supported 255 pupils from Aberdeen City primary schools through delivering the Bridges to Schools workshops at Lochside Academy during week of 4 November 2019. The sessions were arranged as part of partnership with Lochside Academy and engaged pupils from Loirston Primary, Abbotswell Primary, Charleston Primary, Walker Road Primary, Tullos Primary and Kirkhill Primary. The Bridges to Schools week...

Webinar Support for Barnardo’s Training Groups

Published 29 July 2020 | No comments
Written by John Cairns
CategoriesCharities/organisations Cooperation Support
During lockdown, Balfour Beatty have delivered webinars for young people involved in the Barnardo’s training groups based in Scotland. Balfour Beatty’s community team are supporting online careers advice and industry insights to participants that are involved in the Barnardo’s Works employability programmes. Participants involved in sessions are 16-24 years old and are being supported to find opportunities in further learning...