Wonder Learning Boxes

Published 2 March 2020 | No comments
Written by Rebecca Bernklow
CategoriesCommunity liaison Personal development Residents Universities
As part of our engagement with the community surrounding our project at the University of Strathclyde, we reached out to the Civil Engineering Department to conduct a ‘hands on lecture’ that would support the students learning and awareness. We created ‘Wonder Learning Boxes’, which were each filled with a different textile for the students to feel and discuss with their...

Supply Chain Newsletter

Published 27 January 2020 | No comments
Written by John Cairns
CategoriesPlacements Promoting Construction campaign Supply chain Supply chain
As part of our delivery on the Hub North Scotland/NHS Highland Community Health projects in Aviemore and Skye, Balfour Beatty have developed and are distributing a new supply chain newsletter on a quarterly basis. This project newsletter is to assist in the ongoing promotion of the benefits of registering with the Considerate Constructors Scheme as well as highlighting additional opportunities...

Use of Remote Control Trench Rollers on Site

Published 9 December 2019 | No comments
Written by John Cairns
CategoriesInitiatives Occupational health risks Working methods
During deep drainage works for the new Badenoch & Strathspey Community Hospital and Health Care Centre in Aviemore, the Balfour Beatty project team worked closely with groundswork subcontractor David Smith in the use and operation of remote control trench rollers on site. The machines are operated by remote control and this provides a number of benefits. Firstly safety is increased...

Safety Socket

Published 15 October 2019 | No comments
Written by Josh Biles
CategoriesFalling debris Risk information Working methods
The Challenge: The Façade design at roof level is extremely challenging and requires a complex network of secondary steelwork to be installed at the building’s edge on both Level 52 and Level 53 which is one of the most high-risk elements of the project. This is mainly due to each Steel post requiring four loose nuts to secure it in...

Education Workshop Demonstrating Augmented Reality

Published 15 July 2019 | No comments
Written by John Cairns
CategoriesCareers advice Careers advice Colleges Schools Universities
As part of a range of education workshops, Balfour Beatty have developed an education workshop which specifically promotes the use of augmented reality (AR) in construction and includes young people in discussion about how future jobs will be shaped by new and emerging technologies. The workshops use the Balfour Beatty Innovation 2050 video as a basis for discussing what construction...

The Madison Workforce Development Hub

Published 21 May 2019 | No comments
Written by Celeste Koen
CategoriesCultural needs Diversity Equality Inclusion Language differences Literacy training Mental health Personal development Stress
A secure iPad in the canteen has been installed for the workforce to access while on their breaks. The iPad stand is adjustable and has two positions, so the user can stand up or sit down. The stool provided at the station is made out of re-used waste materials from site. The iPad is preloaded with information on the following...

Kone Deck

Published 21 May 2019 | No comments
Written by Celeste Koen
CategoriesWorking methods
During a staged lift installation, a temporary deck needs to be installed to allow the installation of the lifting beams. The normal process is for the deck to be removed and the lifting kits to be hung from the beams, from the outside of the shaft with a long drop. This causes a working at height risk and an additional...

Environmental Performance and Report

Published 21 May 2019 | No comments
Written by Luke Smith
CategoriesActual vs target Air quality Carbon footprint reporting Carbon offsetting Energy saving measures Plastics and packaging Promoting achievements Sustainable solutions
The Wellington Place 7 and 8 project team, led by Dan Miller, has shown great leadership and professionalism by using their sphere of influence to achieve the environmental targets set at the beginning of the project. Highlights Include: 59% reduction in CO2 emissions from the following measures: 100% Renewable energy electricity supply, primary and secondary lighting circuits that reduce unnecessary...

Mobile Exhibition Trailer

Published 29 April 2019 | No comments
Written by Ken Brown
CategoriesCommunity liaison Community notice board Residents Sensitivity to neighbours Updates
Balfour Beatty are committed to the best standards of working and informing the community, and to achieve this we are using a mobile exhibition centre as well as a large open plan room on the site, which is set aside for displaying information as an exhibition centre. The mobile trailer can be set up in minutes, and with a small...

Linking 360 photos into a BIM model

Published 8 April 2019 | No comments
Written by John Cairns
CategoriesCommunicate initiatives Workforce information Working methods
The Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport have been developing an approach to using BIM to review that installed services have been installed correctly and in the correct location. The project team have been using a 360 camera to record installed service before ceilings go up. Linking them into the BIM model allows the team to review what the M&E...

Work Placement Project with Scottish Prison Services

Published 25 March 2019 | No comments
Written by John Cairns
CategoriesCharities/organisations Induction Placements Training
At the beginning of the Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport project, a group of five inmates from HM Prison Castle Huntly supported set-up works on site. A total of ten cumulative weeks work experience was completed by the group which provided participants with real hands-on work experience, which complemented the learning which they had completed within the prison, which...

Supplier Events to Promote Community Benefit Objectives

Published 25 March 2019 | No comments
Written by John Cairns
CategoriesMeeting agenda Suppliers Supply chain Trade contractors
The community benefits team at the Dundee Regional Performance Centre for Sport Project held a supply chain event to discuss how the project can deliver meaningful and measurable benefits for communities in Dundee. The session involved supply chain partners from Martec, Spatial Structures, Kelly Contractors, Balfour Beatty Kilpatrick, Linn-Tech and Doe Sport North – all who will be delivering vital...

Use of Time Lapse Cameras

Published 18 February 2019 | No comments
Written by Hristoslav Tsonkov
CategoriesCommunicate initiatives Initiatives Working methods
On our project, we use state of the art cameras, powered by solar power, in order to record the progress of our works and as an additional site security facility. These cameras all meet the international IP66 rating for industrial enclosures which means they can withstand extreme outdoor conditions including rain and extreme temperatures. This means the cameras can reliably...

Concrete Wash Out

Published 4 December 2018 | No comments
Written by Andrea Holt
CategoriesRe-use Rivers/watercourses Spill control Water saving measures
Concrete washout CWS Plug & Go System allows concrete equipment and wagons to be safely washed off onsite by separating the solids and recycling the remaining water. What are the benefits: Protect the environment and local wildlife Ensure that concrete wagons are cleaned out correctly Ensures that no contaminated waste is spilled which could end up washing down a drain...

Promoting Construction for the Next Generation

Published 17 October 2018 | No comments
Written by Celeste Koen
CategoriesCareers advice Community liaison First Impressions standards Initial impressions Residents Signage
At The Madison site in London, we created A0 size poster boards of the typical six stages of construction to bring awareness of different roles in construction to show it is not all about dirty and hard labour outside on site with poor pay and low education. The reality is very different. Construction offers good salaries, many roles are office...