3D Chirp Survey to Scan for Potential Unexploded Ordnance

Published 5 July 2023 | No comments
Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesInspection and corrective action Periodic inspection and clean-up of boundaries Specialist input
This contractor has been systematically clearing the dock of all potential UXO (unexploded ordnance) by diving and investigating targets which have been identified as a potential UXO from a detailed 3D surface scan to ensure any operation that takes place in the dock over the coming years has no risk of accidently dislodging/damaging/setting off a potential ordinate. A 3D Chirp survey...

Perimeter Access Buggy

Published 10 March 2023 | No comments
Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesControls Falling objects
There has been a big effort in planning how to safely access the perimeter of the roof to allow façade installation to continue. After multiple workshops/design development, a purpose developed ‘buggy’ was bought to site. The temporary works approved buggy, fits on the permanent BMU track and allows two operatives to work on the building perimeter within a fully handrailed...

My Whole Self

Published 10 March 2023 | No comments
Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesEngagement and commitment from the workforce Positive leadership and risk ownership Wellbeing events
This contractors My Whole Self Wall (a campaign originally set up by Mental Health First Aiders England) is a wall of posters displayed in the DABS area created by the construction team in an effort to share their whole selves with the workforce. The posters have personal photos (such as photos with families, dogs, hobbies etc), with facts/descriptions about themselves....

Dry Lining Conveyor System

Published 10 March 2023 | No comments
Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesControls Positive reinforcement for good safety practices
As a new way of transporting dry lining boards across site, a temporary works approved conveyor system was designed. It has rollers across the length of it, and spans from hoist run offs all the way to the work areas, across the 60cm high steel beams that are every 9m throughout site. This allows dry lining workers to slide the...

Vertical Meadow – Green Wall on Hoarding

Published 12 September 2022 | No comments
Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesDefined plan to protect and enhance the natural environment Maintenance of hoarding and fences Planned planting and hard engineering to enhance the natural environment Water saving measures
In conjunction with the estate, the contractor has had a green wall installed on a section of the hoarding. Unlike other green walls this is a very simple design but with smart features, it can be used both for permanent and temporary applications. The wall is installed as a dry matt fixed to the hoarding which then grows once water...

Cutting Unistrut without a Grinder

Published 12 September 2022 | No comments
Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesControls Inspection and assurance
On this product they have been utilising a Ridgid Strutslayr tool to cut unistrut that removes sparks, sharp edges and reduces noise and HAVs for the operatives. The tool presses through the unistrut rather than cutting and has been utilised within the riser works where trades are required to carry out close co-ordination to complete there works. This project has...

Adjustable Vacuum Lifter for Glazing Install

Published 2 September 2022 | No comments
Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesInspection and assurance
This contractor has developed a vacuum lifter that can be adjusted to fit onto unconventional shaped glazing panels. This adjustment allows the suckers to be spread evenly over the panels improving the safety and quality of the lift. The vacuum lifter is fully certified and comes with an attachable custom secondary safety device (straps) incase the lifter fails. The vacuum...

Production of Video RAMS for High Risk Activities

Published 15 August 2022 | No comments
Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesCoaching for unsafe actions Consultation on health and safety Health risk assessments and monitoring Risk assessments
Video RAMS allow the workforce to better understand the safe methods of working. It is known that people are have different ways of effectively taking in information and videos can be more effective than written or oral explanations. When applying the translated narrative, the workers are more likely to fully understand. This is a relatively low cost and rapid method...

DNA – Drop Nothing at All

Published 14 October 2021 | No comments
Written by Lewis Haines
CategoriesControls and expected behaviours Falling objects Unsafe condition reporting
Project DNA (Drop Nothing at All) is the holistic approach to preventing things falling on this project. It is predominately lead using technology to create a culture that they will not accept anything falling. DNA includes 35,712 individual nuts, washers, bolts, and brackets that could be dropped and planning how not to drop them through each strategy using BIM. They...

Crane Hook Manipulator

Published 14 October 2021 | No comments
Written by Lewis Haines
CategoriesControlled access
As a result of site constraints with a limited distance to the NWR fence, combined with their complicated façade installation process, they needed a specialist device for installing some of their façade components. They used ‘Alice’ – their hydraulic remote controlled crane hook attachment. This prevents the number of operatives having to work around a suspended load and can turn...

Single Use Plastics Virtual Work Experience Programme 1 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 5

Published 26 July 2021 | No comments
Written by Rita Miller
CategoriesColleges and universities Reduced use of single use plastics Schools and nurseries
This contractor has designed a single use plastics virtual work experience programme that is being delivered to schools across the country. The programme designed by the Social Value Manager has been delivered face to face and virtually across 5 days and has also been accredited to an Industrial Cadet Silver award. As part of the programme students learn about Single...

Prison Leavers Academy

Published 26 July 2021 | No comments
Written by Rita Miller
CategoriesCommunity engagement Disadvantaged and minority groups support Training plans
This contractor is working on a the new prison Leicestershire for the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) as part of their new prison transformation programme. The MoJ have set Social Value KPI’s focusing on supporting prison leavers into employment. At this project the target is to create 100 jobs through the project with 25% of these to be for prison leavers...

Fairness, Inclusion and Respect Ambassadors

Published 21 June 2021 | No comments
Written by Kiu Tran
CategoriesEDI/FIR training Engagement and commitment from the workforce
This project has appointed three Fairness, Inclusion and Respect Ambassadors as they are committed to ensuring every person feels included and celebrated. They do this through their site inductions where they reinforce their  commitment to inclusion and a no-tolerance approach to discrimination of any sort. They celebrate different cultures and beliefs through regular events and raise awareness of issues and...

Portable Dust Extractor Air Mover

Published 26 January 2021 | No comments
Written by Lorraine Paterson
The subcontractor have utilised a dust and fume risk management system called Hazpod, whilst conducting extensive internal and external renovation works on a restoration project. The work conducted would unavoidably produce large quantities of dust as the original lime plasters and external stone sections had to be removed and replaced. The SEN management team were keen to find a highly...

World Mental Health Day Fortune Cookies

Published 19 October 2020 | No comments
Written by Colleen Liston
CategoriesConsultation Mental health
In order to spread the message about World Mental Health Day, the project team made customised Fortune Cookies which featured a selection of mental health facts on one side and thought provoking quotes on the other. By mixing cookies including prizes amongst normal cookies, the team managed to get more information about mental health across to the site team and...

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