Smile Plastics

Published 19 May 2022 | No comments
Written by Lynne Potter
CategoriesConserve of resources Reduced use of single use plastics Waste management
This contractor has worked with Smile Plastics on their site in London. The start-up company uses recycled plastics only to create new items of furniture for the final completed project, with an agreement in place for Smile Plastics to create vanity units for the superloos on site. They have been successful in using a start-up company to provide 100% recycled...

Plastics Film Screening

Published 9 May 2022 | No comments
Written by Lynne Potter
CategoriesEducation Reduced use of single use plastics
This contractor booked a meeting room to hold a screening of the docu-film ‘A Plastic Ocean’. They had 15 attendees from the team who joined for a plastic free lunch and film, and received a reusable water bottle, mug and bag for attending and to help kick-off their actions and as a reminder of their commitment. This initiative can be...

Heat Induction Paint Removal

Published 20 April 2022 | No comments
Written by David Carter
CategoriesDust Noise
This project used heat induction as an alternative to traditional grit blasting to remove existing intumescent paint from the structural steel frame. This method uses heat induction technology, similar to a heat induction hob, to break the chemical bonds between the intumescent paint and the steelwork, allowing it to be manually scraped off with minimal effort. The benefits of this...

Free Bicycle Service and Repair Sessions

Published 9 November 2021 | No comments
Written by Meena Bhogal
CategoriesCycle safety
This contractor is aiming to reduce carbon emissions by influencing how their workforce travel to and from their projects. To encourage the workforce to cycle safely to work on site, and to also use their bikes outside of work, the project offered a free bicycle service and safety check. This was carried out by a local company who are specialists...

Use of Ball Bearings to Manoeuvre Heavy Loads

Published 9 November 2021 | No comments
Written by Meena Bhogal
CategoriesControls Lessons learned
Cement boards are used in various applications on the project such as being rendered for gas farm walls and soffits. The boards are drilled into for fixing, and over 1,400 holes are required. Previously, this was a laborious operation as the operative needed to lift and rotate the board to drill the holes. These boards weigh approximately 13 kg/m2 so...

Suicide Prevention Awareness Campaign

Published 9 November 2021 | No comments
Written by Meena Bhogal
CategoriesMental health Wellbeing events
Sadly, the construction industry has the highest suicide rates of any sector. As part of their Wellbeing Strategy, one of this contractors projects launched a month-long communications awareness campaign, triggered by World Suicide Prevention Day. The communications centred around three key messages: For those struggling – it’s OK to talk about mental health and suicide and there is support on...

Reuse of Timber Cable Reels

Published 9 November 2021 | No comments
Written by Meena Bhogal
CategoriesCommunity engagement Schools and nurseries
This contractor is ensuring materials do not go to landfill by finding ways they can be repurposed. Several timber cable reels were left over from works on site. Several charities, community groups and schools were approached to see if they could make use of the reels. A local secondary school accepted the offer, and 25 cable reels were delivered for...

Making Websites Accessible to all 1 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 5

Published 31 August 2021 | No comments
Written by Andrew Kinsey
CategoriesEnglish not as first language support
Nearly one in five people have some form of physical, visual, auditory, cognitive, or neurological disabilities that could affect their ability to access information online the same way as other people. They may struggle with: Focusing on relevant sections of text The font, text size, or spacing of the text Poor colour contrasts between background and foreground Distractions presented by...

RealWear Camera Technology

Published 10 August 2021 | No comments
Written by Benjamin Westphal Reed
CategoriesInspection and assurance
During the coronavirus pandemic, travel restrictions meant that cladding samples and mock ups that were built in the Netherlands could not be viewed in person by the project team. RealWear Headsets were then utilised to allow the team to track the progress of the samples and give a visual signoffs. The Headsets were also used to give virtual site walks...

Folding Bikes for the Project Team

Published 2 August 2021 | No comments
Written by Lynne Potter
CategoriesExercise Wellbeing events
To aid in getting the project team back on site safety during the coronavirus restrictions where feasible and allowed, they bought twenty folding bikes for the team to use. This allowed for the team to travel some or all of their journey to and from work by bike and therefore avoiding public transport which was more congested and presented more...

Electric Screed Pump

Published 2 August 2021 | No comments
Written by Lynne Potter
CategoriesEnergy efficient plant and equipment
There is some speculation that because plant is electric that it won’t perform as well, so awareness is currently an issue. This contractor couldn’t find clean tech readily in the UK and looked into the European market to find solutions and therefore went to Germany and met with BMS and have since partnered with them and had a number of...

Solar Charge Pod

Published 19 July 2021 | No comments
Written by Simon Mintoft
CategoriesEnergy efficient plant and equipment Green/renewable energy
This contractor trialled a Solar Charge Pod their project  which allows them to charge a range of battery operated small tools emission free. The Solar Powered Tool Charge Pod provides a 36-port charging facility, reducing emissions whilst also reducing the Health and Safety impacts of potential leading wires and daisy chaining of extension cables. Using this on site for 23...

Hope for Justice Site Membership

Published 5 July 2021 | No comments
Written by Lynne Potter
CategoriesModern slavery training Training plans
On this project they have undergone four online sessions with external organisation Hope for Justice speaking to their team and contractor supervisors about raising awareness of Modern Slavery with specific reference to the construction industry. They had attendance of  around 80 people from site, and was followed up by multi-lingual posters and hand outs to share across site. Since these...

Coronavirus Vaccinations Information

Published 5 July 2021 | No comments
Written by Rachel Hall
CategoriesConsultation on health and safety Health risk assessments and monitoring
On this project, the contractor has been collating data from their workforce to see how many operatives are vaccinated against coronavirus. From their research they calculated that they currently have 40% of workers who’ve had one dose or more, however the national average is a lot higher. They decided to meet with the Directors of their current contractors and together...

Special Projects Team of Early Career Young Professionals

Published 16 June 2021 | No comments
Written by Meena Bhogal
CategoriesWorkforce development plans
On this site a special projects team was set up, ‘Vision 2021’ which includes apprentices, graduates and young professionals from a range of disciplines across the project, mentored by a senior health and safety manager. The team assists the senior leadership team (SLT) in addressing specific challenges across the project, with the benefit of fresh eyes and approaches. The Vision...