Free for All Swap Shop

Published 29 April 2019 | No comments
Written by PJ Choi
CategoriesEquality Financial advice Inclusion Re-use Recycle Reduce
At our site, we have started a ‘Free for All’ swap shop, where people can donate or collect items that are no longer needed or wanted by the original owner, as long as they are still in good condition. Everyone on site is encouraged to make use of the items that are available, and if they are able to, to...

Day Old Eats: Food Surplus Social Enterprise

Published 29 April 2019 | No comments
Written by PJ Choi
CategoriesCharities/organisations Goodwill
We use a Social Enterprise called ‘Day Old’ to provide catering for our team events, lunches and hospitality. Day Old is a food surplus Social Enterprise which tackles food waste and food poverty. These goods are collected from artisan bakeries the day before, preventing them from going to waste and ending up in landfill. 600,000 tonnes of avoidable waste happens...

Belu Water Social Enterprise

Published 18 April 2019 | No comments
Written by Patrick Smith
CategoriesAir quality Campaigns Carbon offsetting Charities/organisations Re-use Supply chain Water saving measures
The project team at Mace’s 25 Grosvenor Street made the decision to procure their site water from ‘Belu’, a registered social enterprise. Whilst several water providers donate some of their profits to charity, Belu donate 100% of their profits to the international development charity Water Aid. This supports their work in making clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal...

Colouring Construction: Educational Colouring In Calendar

Published 16 April 2019 | No comments
Written by Alison Cooper
CategoriesCommunity liaison Goodwill
The Grosvenor Square team originally wanted to create a calendar to provide the team, subcontractors and client with the important awareness dates throughout the year. This idea evolved into a multi-purpose calendar highlighting health and safety, wellbeing and education, by working with CLOCS and CCS, we created a colouring-in Grosvenor Square calendar. The aim was for the workforce and client...

Single-use plastics workshop

Published 16 April 2019 | No comments
Written by Patrick Smith
CategoriesAwareness Environmental policy promoted Plastics and packaging Reduce
As a responsible business, Mace is reducing the 3,000 tonnes of plastic waste it generates every year and will reduce its consumption of single-use plastics by 20% on sites and corporately by 80%. To do this, we have launched a single-use plastic reduction campaign across the business called ‘Time to Act’ which encourages people to ditch unnecessary plastics. At Mace’s...

Datascope Digital DABS (Daily Activity Briefings)

Published 28 January 2019 | No comments
Written by Fin O'Sullivan
CategoriesAccess/egress Communicate initiatives Trade contractors Workforce information
The One Crown Place (OCP) project in London is currently using a digital DABs board in partnership with Datascope to communicate daily activities in a faster cleaner, way. On previous projects this was done with marker pens and paper, then photographed and emailed out to trades which was time consuming. We have used this on previous projects and have championed...

“Report It” safety app for trades

Published 28 January 2019 | No comments
Written by Fin O'Sullivan
CategoriesAttitudes Behaviour Incident procedures Initiatives Management Trade contractors
At Mace, we are keen to engage with our workforce and to pursue better methods in all areas of construction, especially when it comes to health and safety. At the One Crown Place project based in Broadgate, we have launched a safety app that our trades can use to simply speak up, and report issues on site via their own...

One Crown Place Volunteering Week with Kids UK

Published 10 December 2018 | One comment
Written by Max Streetley
CategoriesCommunity liaison Goodwill work Improvement
KIDS Hackney Adventure Playground provide vital support services to disabled children, young people and their families throughout the UK. In total, KIDS provided support to over 11,000 disabled individuals and their families, alongside 80 Local Authorities. All staff at the center are fully trained to support children with a range of complex health needs, making The Adventure Playground one of...

Integrated Hoist Run Off System

Published 10 December 2018 | No comments
Written by Patrick Smith
CategoriesInjuries Scaffold protection Working methods
The hoist gate system means the gap in edge protection is never present. This produces a fully enclosed hoist ramp system with no space to get limbs or material caught between the hoist and the building during operation and ensures no materials can drop out. It also reduces scaffold installation at the edge of the building, keeping work to one...

Constructing the UK’s Highest Capacity Piles in Central London

Published 4 December 2018 | No comments
Written by Ushna Mughal
CategoriesNoise Sensitivity to neighbours
Mace’s 21 Moorfields team is currently constructing the UK’s highest capacity piles, which are 2.4m in diameter and over 60m deep. The traditional method for constructing piles using bentonite is to top up the concrete until it overflows the casing. It is then necessary to break out the concrete to the correct level to form a pile cap. Consequently, the...

Pre-Fabricated Sprinklers

Published 29 November 2018 | No comments
Written by Darren Pope
CategoriesFixtures and fittings Prefabrication Sustainable solutions
The Mace LSE Delivery Team along with Dornan Engineering and Ultra Sure Fire have excelled using their experience and knowledge of pre-fabrication and the associated health, safety and wellbeing benefits with a ground breaking innovation. This has been the first project to completely pre-fabricate sprinkler and dry riser installations. The entire works have been 100% manufactured and developed off-site with...

Dry Lining Material Handling Trollies

Published 23 November 2018 | No comments
Written by Darren Pope
CategoriesControls Injuries Occupational health risks
On our project at the London School of Economics Centre Buildings Redevelopment, our supply chain partner BDL, of the Carey Group, has developed material handling solutions to increase efficiency and enhance safety. Through experience and trials on site, the team have been pivotal to the production of broad trollies with adjustable clamps to secure boards, pump trollies which enable full...

Remote Controlled Electric Breaker

Published 12 November 2018 | No comments
Written by Patrick Smith
CategoriesReduce Sustainable solutions
At Mace’s GPE Hanover Square Project, J Coffey Construction Ltd used a ‘Brokk 260’ remote controlled electric powered breaker to substitute a more traditional diesel powered breaker, used for breaking out concrete. Sustainability benefits include: Reduced carbon emissions – as electricity at Hanover Square is sourced from a 100% renewable supplier (Ecotricity), electrical breakers have zero carbon emissions. Reduced pollution...

Safety is in Your Hands

Published 12 November 2018 | No comments
Written by Darren Pope
CategoriesCommunicate initiatives Suppliers Supply chain Workforce information
Through some extensive development work with one of our key suppliers, Trafi Glove, the Mace team have come up with a simple, but very effective way to ensure core safety values are at the forefront of all site activities. Mace’s Four Steps to Safety initiative encourages and empowers all involved with the scheme to shape safety while ensuring all operations...

Sponge the Manager

Published 12 November 2018 | No comments
Written by Tom Hook
CategoriesRecreation Rest Scheme posters/banners
In September, the LSE CBR Project held a hog roast on our logistics zone for all our operatives on site. The purpose of this was to reward operatives working on the project and to give something back. This included shutting the site at 3pm and giving our hog roast dinners with some complimentary beers. As part of this event, the...