Pre-employment training for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

Published 12 August 2019 | No comments
Written by Ushna Mughal
CategoriesColleges Create opportunities Disadvantaged groups Diversity Inclusion Personal development Qualifications Residents Schools Training
Mace Group, working alongside Ernest & Young Foundation, created a unique programme focusing on getting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds ready for work. There are a number of employability programmes in construction, however none focus on providing pre-employment training focusing on the leadership, resilience and soft skills needed to succeed in the construction industry. While construction companies are increasing working...

Eco-Friendly Hoarding

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Written by Ushna Mughal
CategoriesBranding Corporate badging Enclosures First Impressions campaign Green purchasing Initial impressions Plastics and packaging Re-use Recycle Sustainable solutions Sustainable source
​​​Go-Hoard™ is the new, eco-friendly hoarding system from Blok N Mesh UK. The hoarding panels are manufactured using recycled UPVC and are fully recyclable after use, ensuring a sustainable solution for the environment. The hoarding system has a smooth flat finish which is ready to accept vinyl graphics and can also be supplied in your corporate colours. Custom coloured skirting...

Reducing the use of single-use plastics

Published 5 August 2019 | No comments
Written by Ushna Mughal
CategoriesBusinesses Plastics and packaging Residents Suppliers
The project team have been the proud sponsor of the Urban Village Fete in North Greenwich since 2017. This fete draws on local suppliers, designers and performers, and provides a forum for top local talent for a community day full of stalls, music, DJs, dance, art and design workshops and food trucks with an international flavour. This year, in addition...

Protecting the Workforce from Dust

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Written by Ushna Mughal
CategoriesAir quality Dust prevention Occupational health risks PPE Working methods
Mace’s Greenwich Peninsula Upper Riverside team continued with our sustained effort to safeguard our workforce from works that generated dust. As part of this the team procured full head and face mask breathing systems for working in higher dust exposure areas. This builds upon the team’s previous efforts which included conducting training sessions, using portable vacuum backpacks and enforcing Class...

Clean Air Day School Engagement

Published 8 July 2019 | No comments
Written by Patrick Smith
CategoriesAir quality Awareness Campaigns Residents Schools
To support ‘Clean Air Day’ on 20th June 2019, Mace’s Sustainability Manager at Helical’s Farringdon East OSD project visited the local Charterhouse Square Primary School to talk about the importance of clean air. The assembly was delivered to 120 children aged between four and ten, and covered the following key points: Why is clean air important? What stops our air...

4D Models for Safety

Published 1 July 2019 | No comments
Written by Ushna Mughal
CategoriesBoundary security Communicate initiatives Prefabrication Vehicle enhancements Working methods
Mace Group at the LSE Marshall Building are working with adjacent contractors who are in the unique situation of working on projects running side by side simultaneously with a shared boundary. Safety of those working on both sites along with public is key. In order to ensure the safety of staff and the public, Mace has developed and shared their...

Social Enterprise Revolution

Published 24 June 2019 | No comments
Written by Katerina Papavasileiou
CategoriesBusinesses Corporate Social Responsibility action plan Local shop
Mace at Greenwich Square Block Three is committed to procuring products and services from social enterprises. A social enterprise directs its profit to solve a social issue, therefore, increasing our contribution to society. As these organisations were not part of the key supply chain, we started small, identifying the ones that it would be easier to introduce on site. We...

Free for All Swap Shop

Published 29 April 2019 | No comments
Written by PJ Choi
CategoriesEquality Financial advice Inclusion Re-use Recycle Reduce
At our site, we have started a ‘Free for All’ swap shop, where people can donate or collect items that are no longer needed or wanted by the original owner, as long as they are still in good condition. Everyone on site is encouraged to make use of the items that are available, and if they are able to, to...

Day Old Eats: Food Surplus Social Enterprise

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Written by PJ Choi
CategoriesCharities/organisations Goodwill
We use a Social Enterprise called ‘Day Old’ to provide catering for our team events, lunches and hospitality. Day Old is a food surplus Social Enterprise which tackles food waste and food poverty. These goods are collected from artisan bakeries the day before, preventing them from going to waste and ending up in landfill. 600,000 tonnes of avoidable waste happens...

Belu Water Social Enterprise

Published 18 April 2019 | No comments
Written by Patrick Smith
CategoriesAir quality Campaigns Carbon offsetting Charities/organisations Re-use Supply chain Water saving measures
The project team at Mace’s 25 Grosvenor Street made the decision to procure their site water from ‘Belu’, a registered social enterprise. Whilst several water providers donate some of their profits to charity, Belu donate 100% of their profits to the international development charity Water Aid. This supports their work in making clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal...

Colouring Construction: Educational Colouring In Calendar

Published 16 April 2019 | No comments
Written by Alison Cooper
CategoriesCommunity liaison Goodwill
The Grosvenor Square team originally wanted to create a calendar to provide the team, subcontractors and client with the important awareness dates throughout the year. This idea evolved into a multi-purpose calendar highlighting health and safety, wellbeing and education, by working with CLOCS and CCS, we created a colouring-in Grosvenor Square calendar. The aim was for the workforce and client...

Single-use plastics workshop 1 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 5

Published 16 April 2019 | No comments
Written by Patrick Smith
CategoriesAwareness Environmental policy promoted Plastics and packaging Reduce
As a responsible business, Mace is reducing the 3,000 tonnes of plastic waste it generates every year and will reduce its consumption of single-use plastics by 20% on sites and corporately by 80%. To do this, we have launched a single-use plastic reduction campaign across the business called ‘Time to Act’ which encourages people to ditch unnecessary plastics. At Mace’s...

Datascope Digital DABS (Daily Activity Briefings)

Published 28 January 2019 | No comments
Written by Fin O'Sullivan
CategoriesAccess/egress Communicate initiatives Trade contractors Workforce information
The One Crown Place (OCP) project in London is currently using a digital DABs board in partnership with Datascope to communicate daily activities in a faster cleaner, way. On previous projects this was done with marker pens and paper, then photographed and emailed out to trades which was time consuming. We have used this on previous projects and have championed...

“Report It” Safety App for Trades

Published 28 January 2019 | No comments
Written by Fin O'Sullivan
CategoriesAttitudes Behaviour Incident procedures Initiatives Management Trade contractors
At Mace, we are keen to engage with our workforce and to pursue better methods in all areas of construction, especially when it comes to health and safety. At the One Crown Place project based in Broadgate, we have launched a safety app that our trades can use to simply speak up, and report issues on site via their own...

One Crown Place Volunteering Week with Kids UK

Published 10 December 2018 | One comment
Written by Max Streetley
CategoriesCommunity liaison Goodwill work Improvement
KIDS Hackney Adventure Playground provide vital support services to disabled children, young people and their families throughout the UK. In total, KIDS provided support to over 11,000 disabled individuals and their families, alongside 80 Local Authorities. All staff at the center are fully trained to support children with a range of complex health needs, making The Adventure Playground one of...