Job Crafting for the Neurodiverse

Published 4 August 2023 | No comments
Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesCommunity engagement Disability and special needs facilities Documented activities and targets for community engagement Engage with community facilities Schools and nurseries
Working with thd SEND Neurodiversity Employer Network, The Courtyard (SEND school) and Islington council, this contractor offered 2 x 5 month work experience placements for ex-students of The Courtyard, who had autism. These work experience placements were reduced hours, with each person being given projects to complete during the placement. Placement 1 completed a history project on Broadgate and Placement...

Flexible Roof Ladder

Published 3 August 2023 | No comments
Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesControls Positive reinforcement for good safety practices
The metal roofing contractor working on this project utilised a flexible roof ladder. The ladder adapts to different materials and surfaces. It is quick to set up, and provides safe, comfortable access. It is also easy to transport as it can be rolled up and the ladder provides optimal grip on non-slip steps. To find out more, click the link...

Concrete Supply Through an App to Reduce Disruption

Published 2 June 2023 | No comments
Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesCommunication of any expected disruptive works Delivery timings Identify potential impacted communities
On this project the frame contractor utilises a concrete supply that uses an app that provides extensive information including live tracking and progress. This ensured they are not overrunning or finishing works late and also ensures their site team is aware when the lorry is approaching to minimise road impact. Fewer overruns meant inconvenience to the local community was minimised...

Recycled Plywood Alternative

Published 18 April 2023 | No comments
Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesLower embodied carbon content materials
This contractor is using EKOply, which is a recycled plastic 8ftx4ft sheet material. This product  is designed to be an environmentally-friendly and economical replacement for traditional plywood. This is manufactured from 100% waste plastic which typically ends up being landfilled or incinerated. This has been manufactured as an alternative to imported plywood, or to virgin plastic panels, and is therefore...

Lightweight Universal Formwork

Published 10 March 2023 | No comments
Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesModern methods of construction
Lightweight Universal Formwork was used for forming walls, slabs, columns and foundations. Polymer-coated fibres are the source material for the production of the material components. The product is particularly useful for smaller sites and sites that have low-noise requirements – as this does not require hammering when assembling. Despite the material being extremely light , it has a high load-bearing...

Remote Movement Monitoring System

Published 9 January 2023 | No comments
Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesControls Inspection and assurance
The Geo-Sense remote movement monitoring system has been installed to the rear (water) side of an existing dock wall, situated under a suspended quay structure. The technology relays data wirelessly in 5 minute intervals, measuring movement in the X,Y,Z axis, providing information of the impact of the adjacent works. Using this technology in what would otherwise be an area only...

Tower Crane Removal Reducing Community Impact

Published 23 September 2022 | No comments
Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesCommunication of any expected disruptive works Identify potential impacted communities Regular updates of progress
To remove the final tower crane from site with current UK lifting technology, a mobile crane would have needed to be placed in a busy road for 6 weeks. This is the road directly adjacent to the sites most sensitive receptor, which is a residential block, and would have caused disruption to these neighbours and the surrounding area. This was...

Virtual Reality Training for Fire Marshals

Published 12 September 2022 | No comments
Written by Lucy Austin
CategoriesConsultation on health and safety Continuing professional development Engagement and commitment from the workforce Learning plans and training available
Currently large numbers of fire marshals receive only presentations which do not require and cannot introduce practice test as evidence to respond in emergencies. Virtual reality training has been created which enables users to test themselves in a number of scenarios. VR as technology is available in various industries, however is not widely adopted, due to certifications and lack of...

Embodied Carbon

Published 10 September 2022 | No comments
Written by Lucy Austin
CategoriesAssessment and approval of supply chain relating to carbon Carbon reduction Lower embodied carbon content materials Measurement and publication of targets and performance
The embodied carbon for this prohect’s offices was calculated using BS EN 15978:2011 and guidance from RICS ‘Whole life carbon assessment for the built environment’. For the RIBA Stage 4 design, the embodied carbon to practical completion is predicted to be 904 kgCO2e/m2, showing performance to be well within the Greater London Authority benchmark of between 900-1000 kgCO2e/m2 expected for...

Closed Loop Pre-Treatment Cleaning

Published 2 September 2022 | No comments
Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesConserve of resources Water saving measures
The Closed Loop Pre-Treatment Cleaning system is a new way of cleaning the newly installed pipework into a building. This system pre-treats the initial system-fill water in a special treatment rig. Chemicals are added to assist in collecting contaminants, and also introduced to provide corrosion and microbiological protection directly in proportion to the volume of water. This pre-treated water is...

Materials Passport

Published 15 August 2022 | No comments
Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesInspection Measurement and publication of targets and performance Monitoring and recording of resource usage
A materials passport has been set up using software called Madasta which creates a live model of the proposed building by extracting data from digital models and is then completed with the actual information. This is then taken forward by the client and building management team throughout the buildings life so that during repair, adaption and end of life all...

Spinal Assessments

Published 4 August 2022 | No comments
Written by Laura Regan
CategoriesAccess to health practitioners and counselling services Health risk assessments and monitoring
Poor posture can lead to spinal and muscular issues, but it can also cause headaches, poor sleep, and digestive problems. There are also links between poor posture and anxiety levels, with there being a clear link between posture and how it can affect our mental health. With that in mind, looking after the posture of workers is very important. On...

Working at Height Hard Hat Stickers

Published 6 June 2022 | No comments
Written by Barry Ryan
CategoriesControls Health risk assessments and monitoring Inspection and assurance
On this project, as part of their working at height peer review, they created a simple visual identification system to help identify the competency of site operatives working at height. For an operative to safely work at height, they require Work at Height training Level 1&2, Critical safety medical, Combisafety fencing training, Work at Height rescue training along with Formwork/False...

Cycle Safety Event

Published 6 June 2022 | No comments
Written by Barry Ryan
CategoriesCycle safety Pedestrian safety
Oxford is a cycling city and, with the popularity of cycling within the city on the rise , it is a great way to travel, keep fit and be environmentally friendly. As part of the contractor’s project, they have recognised the importance of cycling safely. With increasing construction traffic and heavy goods vehicles making deliveries to the site, they wanted...

Free Falcon Fall Protection Anchor

Published 6 June 2022 | No comments
Written by Barry Ryan
CategoriesControls Health risk assessments and monitoring
On this project they are constructing a complex seven storey tower and frame and as such, working at height is one of the biggest health and safety risks. To ensure a safe system of work was established, the onsite team undertook a dedicated working at height peer review of the RC concrete frame. The on site team identified and proposed...

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