Virtual Site Tour with Matterport Camera

Published 20 July 2020 | No comments
Written by Laura Regan
CategoriesCareers advice Community liaison Schools
Over the course of 2020 the approach towards community investment and activities has had to change and adapt due to coronavirus pandemic. This has involved embracing technology and engaging schools in a more virtual way. As part of this approach, SRM hosted two interactive webinars for local school students as part of the City of London Careers Fair – one...

Welfare Social Distancing

Published 7 July 2020 | No comments
Written by Alex Ward
CategoriesMedical conditions Occupational health risks Separate facilities
Pump House Lane Project developed a solution that ensured social distancing in the welfare and office area. The initiative involved the introduction of individual desks with corex screening fixed to timber batons creating a safe zone for individuals during their allocated break time. In the office, corex solutions created adequate flexible shielding for staff members and trade contractors. This solution...

Allocated Zones in the Changing Room

Published 7 July 2020 | No comments
Written by Alex Ward
CategoriesChanging Lockers Medical conditions Occupational health risks Separate facilities
Pump House Lane developed a solution to ensure social distancing in the operative changing area. The initiative was to create a zonal system in the changing room. The zonal system creates 20 shielded zones using lockers and corex as physical barriers. Each of the 20 zones has a separate locker allocated to each trade. This means that when a trade...

Net Zero Carbon Site

Published 8 April 2020 | No comments
Written by Lucy Austin
CategoriesAir quality Campaigns Carbon management Environmental policy promoted Promoting achievements Re-use Recycle Reduce Reporting and offsetting Site environmental plan Sustainability policy
Sir Robert McAlpine are preempting legislative changes by pledging Net Zero Carbon by 2024. Contributing to this, Battersea Phase 3a has been operating as a Net Zero Carbon site since January 2020. The project Net Zero Carbon strategy covers all operational emissions (gas, fuel and electricity on site) and involves offsetting 115% of our outputs. Our offsetting occurs both locally...

K Guard Handrail System

Published 8 April 2020 | No comments
Written by Lucy Austin
CategoriesControls Identification of near misses Recording accidents Risk information Working methods
The K Guard handrail system consists of five components which made the link bar: external sleeve, internal sleeve, rat’s tail, captive bolt and captive nut. While temporarily removing the edge protection, the external sleeve section of the link bar (top handrail) became dislodged from its internal section and fell five floors below into the exclusion zone set up for these...

Frontline Supervisor Development Programme

Published 8 April 2020 | No comments
Written by Lucy Austin
CategoriesCareers advice E-learning Employed Literacy training Management Management attitudes Numeracy training Personal development Qualifications Supervision Training
On the Battersea Phase 3a site, Sir Robert McAlpine (SRM) has worked with Create the Space to develop an Institute Leadership and Management Level 3 Accredited course, the Frontline Supervisor Development Programme specifically for Works Managers. SRM recognises the importance of their Works Managers and the skills required to succeed, therefore we wanted to make training available for existing and...

Cleaner Construction for London

Published 8 April 2020 | No comments
Written by Lucy Austin
CategoriesAir quality Campaigns Carbon management Efficient fuel use Hybrid/electric plant Plant and machinery Reporting and offsetting
Following the results of a recent Non-Road Mobile Machinery audit, Battersea Phase 3a was chosen for inclusion in the Greater London Authority’s new air quality campaign, Cleaner Construction for London. The campaign selected our project as a flagship to help promote exceptional emission standards operating in London to the wider UK, and international construction industry. The purpose of this is...

Boston Dynamics Cyberdog

Published 8 April 2020 | No comments
Written by Lucy Austin
CategoriesRisk information Working methods
Robotics Company Boston Dynamics has recently been trialling their Cyberdog on the construction site to monitor the progress and change of our Foster and Partners O-1 Building over a three month period. This is the first time this technology has been used in the construction industry. The Cyberdog follows a pre-determined route through the O-1 Building scanning each room that...

Anixter Insta-Reel

Published 8 April 2020 | No comments
Written by Lucy Austin
CategoriesInjuries Occupational health risks Worker fatigue Working methods
The INSTA-REEL (by Anixter) consists of a standard wooden reel that has oversized flanges attached to both sides and becomes a payout stand when chocked in place. The inner reel spins independently of the outer flanges, it is delivered pre-loaded with the cable of choice and delivered completely assembled, it is fixed into position with suitable wheel like chocks. The...

Coronavirus Temperature Testing for Workforce

Published 27 March 2020 | No comments
Written by Lucy Austin
CategoriesCleaning regime Health screening Healthy lifestyle advice Medical conditions
Amid the current COVID-19 outbreak, we realise that it is essential that whilst the construction on our project continues, we must do everything we can to protect the health of our workforce and their families whilst they continue to work safely. On our Sir Robert McAlpine Battersea Phase 3A site, we are working with paramedics to carry out daily temperature...

Wearable Epilepsy Management Watch

Published 17 February 2020 | No comments
Written by Mark Robson
CategoriesEmergency procedures Health screening Injuries Medical conditions Reporting Risk information
This innovation stems from the policy to carry out an occupational health risk assessment on all personnel. As a result, an individual who suffers from epilepsy was identified as being at potential risk when carrying out their work. The company identified a watch made by a Empatica, which is able to recognise changes in a person that could result in...

Noise Mitigation Methods During Night Works

Published 9 December 2019 | No comments
Written by Ellie Callard
CategoriesNoise Plant and machinery Residents Sensitivity to neighbours Working methods and equipment
Sir Robert McAlpine is currently working on a major project behind a retained façade on Grosvenor Place, London. During the demolition phase, a significant façade retention structure was constructed which posed some challenges when it came time for removal. One side of the project backs onto a TfL red route. Due to the pedestrian and vehicle traffic, TfL required the...

Machine Learning Platform

Published 16 September 2019 | No comments
Written by Olivia Hack
CategoriesCarbon management Monitoring and reporting Programming
Accurately capturing and recording data on construction sites can be a challenge. Human error, a lack of understanding or misjudgement means certain components are able to slip the net. Combining this with ensuring 100% of materials on site are certified and fully meet project requirements makes this a high-risk variable for any project. A Machine Learning Platform, (QFlow) has been...

Tower Crane Intruder Alarm

Published 19 August 2019 | No comments
Written by Ellie Callard
CategoriesSite security Vehicle enhancements
Large construction sites in London have recently seen an increased risk of members of the public seeking unauthorised access to site after hours. As well as the security risk, this presents a major health and safety risk for the public and anyone working at that time, such as site security staff. Located in busy Soho, Ilona Rose House recognised this...

Using Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil as Generator Fuel

Published 28 May 2019 | No comments
Written by Tom King
CategoriesAir quality Carbon management Efficient fuel use Reporting and offsetting
At 21 Moorfields, we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise the disturbance to the local community who surround our central London site. Following this aim, we have decided to trial the use of a hydrogenated vegetable oil to fuel two generators on site whilst we transfer the mains power supply from low to high voltage. The ‘Green...