Entries by PJ Choi

CCS Awareness Week

Published 18 November 2019

As part of our commitment to promoting the company values and a positive industry image, Mace

iTrack Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Published 18 November 2019

Despite putting a range of controls in place to influence driver behaviours, the project continued

Dual View Dumpers

Published 23 September 2019

Here on Stratford Waterfront, we have deployed the use of ‘Dual View’ dumpers. The dual view

Turning used PPE into Fashion Accessories!

Published 23 September 2019

We have partnered with Johnson Wong After:Work, an award winning company which upcycles Hi-Viz

Free for All Swap Shop

Published 29 April 2019

At our site, we have started a 'Free for All' swap shop, where people can donate or collect items

Food Surplus Social Enterprise

Published 29 April 2019

We use a Social Enterprise called 'Day Old' to provide catering for our team events, lunches and

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