Electric Dumper – Ecovolve ED 1000

On this project an Ecovolve high tip ED 1000 electric dumper was used to move material between external and internal areas of the site. As this dumper was required for use indoors, the compact nature and high manoeuvrability of the ED 1000 made it well suited for this task. Compared to a diesel alternative, reductions in noise and pollution risk were significant benefits when using this electric dumper in internal areas of site.

A single 8-hour charge will provide enough power for an average day’s work. If a renewable power source supplies the power for charging the battery, the plant effectively produces zero carbon emissions during use by eliminating diesel requirements. On this project this saved £58.71 or 96.25L a week (based on an average use of 7 hours a day, a 5 ½ day week and consumption of 2.5 litres an hour at 61p per litre). Based on this consumption, using an electric dumper would save the following per day shift – 47kg of carbon emissions, 0.1kg of NOx and 1.8g of particulate matter. This results in a reduced need for air filtration when the dumper is used in basements and enclosed spaces.

Improved air quality has benefits for employees working nearby due to no particulate matter or NOx emissions being created by this plant. It also reduces the site pollution risk as if all plant is electric, no spill kits, diesel storage or diesel deliveries are required. Also, whilst the weekly hire costs for an electric dumper can be more expensive than a similar diesel model, this is cancelled out when considering the diesel savings. Not forgetting the further savings made from not requiring extraction system and spill kits.

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