Hollco Auto Green

The use of the new auto green function on the brand new Hollco has helped to alleviate traffic queues in some cases. The use of these lights, on a scheme that we have running with Kier in Marlpit Road in Norwich, has helped to maintain the constant flow of public commuter traffic at peak times. The technology that Hollco has used has helped to make best use of green times to decrease queuing on these extremely used routes (or rat runs). This has in turn, on certain areas, helped to remove operatives manually operating the temporary two traffic signals.

This has numerous benefits. Not having an operative operating in or near the actual works is a great health and safety measure. Also, drivers queuing in traffic are getting less frustrated and are then less likely to jump red lights. This decreases the traffic flow incidents whereby vehicles are meeting head on within the works.

The advanced radar system is dependable in adverse weather conditions and has the ability to pick up walking pedestrians (older radars will pick them up as a vehicle). The operation now uses an outstanding radio system that will automatically find the best channel when in an urban, frequency dependent area and should on many occasions mean that an operative will not have to be deployed on site to re-start these lights.

These systems also have, in perfect conditions, an 18 day run-time. Again not having an operative onsite will help with maintaining health and safety for the operatives’ working day, thus they are only on site when absolutely necessary. Having the use of the handles at the back of the light means the operative faces traffic during distribution on any road.

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Monitor site report. Kier Utilities & Rail. Norfolk. June 2019

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