Keyless Locks

A theme at our weekly site committee meetings has been about the amount of time the workforce would spend signing keys in and out. The original format of this task consisted of any operative who wished to gain access would need to sign out a key with our dedicated key manager located in the permit cabin. One of the issues with this system was if someone else had already signed out a key, you would need to wait until it is returned. The workforce became frustrated with the constant back and forth signing in and out of keys.

The keys were often found mistreated and damaged. It was hard to determine accountability for damages as it could have happened by anyone. This is a problem that has been around the construction industry for years.

The site team developed a keyless locking system on our site. The workings of this system of a keyless barrel and fob. The keyless barrel is fitted into the front entrance door instead of a key operated barrel.

Once complete, operatives can visit our key manager where they will then request access to the required apartments they are tasked to work in that day. Our key manager will programme the fob to give access to the relevant apartments and sign this out to the operative.

Once the fob is signed out the operative will be free to entre those assigned apartments that day. Our calculations estimate that this has saved over 150 hours a week in lost time from the original process for signing keys in and out. Most importantly this has given our workforce a huge lift and helped to improve site morale.

Furthermore we have improved control of keys across the site, resulting in a more secure and accessible audit trail of keys which can be viewed within seconds at the touch of a screen.

Footer Reference

Monitor Report. Berkeley Homes. London. September 2018.

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