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The Lighthouse Club Construction Industry Charity, who run the Construction Industry Helpline, launched an app  in collaboration with COINS (a construction software firm) and Building Mental Health (an online information portal about mental health, also developed by the charity). The new Construction Industry Helpline app will be a free, confidential service aimed at providing essential information and guidance on wellbeing topics such as stress, anxiety, depression, anger and suicidal thoughts. The app should complement the existing 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline (0345 605 1956), and will hopefully intervene at the early stages of a situation, therefore potentially preventing problems from hitting a life critical stage.

The need for the Lighthouse Club Construction Industry Charity cannot be underestimated, especially when two construction workers take their own lives every single working day. Stress, anxiety and depression also account for one fifth of all work related illness. In just last year alone, the helpline supported at least 1524 construction families in crisis, and over 449 families received financial assistance. The charity is the only one that provides financial and emotional support to those in the construction industry and their families, and has been helping people since 1956.


The helpline app has been upgraded with ‘Sleepstation’, an NHS approved service aimed at improving support with insomnia and poor sleep health. The confidential and clinically proven support is being provided completely free of charge by the charity in response to callers reporting difficulties with sleeping due to emotional, financial or other physical wellbeing issues.

Whilst most of the restrictions relating to Covid-19 have been lifted, many are still struggling with transitioning back to ‘normality’ or dealing with major life changes as a result. This in turn can impact on a good sleep pattern and so the addition of this extra help offers yet another lifeline to those that need it.

Sleepstation offers an understanding of what is normal and what constitutes sleep deprivation, a personal sleep assessment and expert analysis, confidential advice and reports as well as support from an expert team who offer personal advice.

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