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World Mental Health Day Fortune Cookies

Published 19 October 2020 | Written by Colleen Liston
CategoriesConsultation Management attitudes Mental health Occupational health risks Reward

In order to spread the message about World Mental Health Day, the project team made customised Fortune Cookies which featured a selection of mental health facts on one side and thought provoking quotes on the other. By mixing cookies including prizes amongst normal cookies, the team managed to get more information about mental health across to the site team and…

Offering Personalised Classes for Operatives Families

Published 19 October 2020 | Written by Cara Chernanko
CategoriesHealthy lifestyle advice Inclusion Management attitudes Mental health Personal development

Skadoosch – a provider of personalised classes for families (with children aged 3-11) that encourages positive social interaction and mental wellbeing through fun games and activities, have partnered with the Goodluck Hope Project to offer classes to the site’s families. Together they have recognised how work-related mental health issues not only affect the individual, it also affects the individual’s family….

Talk To Us Posters on Crane Bases

Published 22 June 2020 | Written by Denise Southard
CategoriesMental health Posters

As well as seeking to prevent suicides through awareness campaigns and mental health first aid training we have put posters in and around our crane bases. If someone is suffering from suicidal thoughts they may try to come onto site when empty and use the crane as a method of suicide. We have put posters around the crane base in…

Anniversary Employer Pledge

Published 23 March 2020 | Written by Amy Stockton
CategoriesCampaigns Mental health Stress

CR Civil Engineering celebrated 20 years of trading on Tuesday 17th March. To mark the occasion, the company signed the ‘Time-to-Change Employer Pledge’. The Time to Change Employer Pledge is a commitment to changing the way we all think and act about mental health in the workplace. This commitment is supported by a 12-month Employer Action Plan, built upon five…

Therapy Dog

Published 10 February 2020 | Written by Kiu Tran
CategoriesCounselling services Mental health Stress

Introducing the latest member to join the team at Elephant Park, Marley the therapy dog. To compliment Lendlease’s commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of its people and those who work on our projects, the team at Elephant Park have their very own in-house therapy dog. Anyone can drop by for a cuddle or pick-me-up or request a private…

Magnetic Thoughts

Published 23 December 2019 | Written by Roxanne Thorpe
CategoriesCounselling services Feedback Mental health Stress

The building blocks form the thoughts of our onsite community when attached to the support wall. This gives operatives a chance to write down their thoughts, feedback and praise in an anonymous way or as they please. It is a safe space to speak out. At induction each operative is given a building block as each person matters. A private…

Combatting Fatigue, Anxiety and Depression

Published 17 December 2019 | Written by Anna Bramley
CategoriesHealthy lifestyle advice Medical conditions Mental health Occupational health risks Posters Stress Worker fatigue

At Robertson we believe that a healthy workforce is a happy workforce! We value our workforce and understand that mental health problems and fatigue can affect anyone at any time. We operate an open door policy where employees and subcontractors can talk to a manager or Mental Health First Aider in absolute confidence. We provide a free helpline that offers…

Visualite Panels in Basement Accommodation

Published 2 December 2019 | Written by Lewis Haines
CategoriesMental health Occupational health risks

What it is A light up panel fixed to the wall which incorporates our own images and uses a cutting edge LED light source to create a healthier and better ambience. It not only provides light to the office space but also creates an illusion of a greater space, improving the mental wellbeing of the workers in the office. Why…

Personal Lights (Look Out Look Up)

Published 2 December 2019 | Written by Lewis Haines
CategoriesMental health Occupational health risks

What it is “Look up, Look Out” is our November safety scheme at KGX1. With this scheme, we are encouraging people to look out for everyone’s safety by looking up. We’ve run edge protection workshops and brought in companies to showcase the latest access equipment. Another aim is to raise awareness for mental health problems and how to help. Also,…

Workforce Support for Mental Health

Published 4 November 2019 | Written by Heather Miller
CategoriesFirst Aid Healthy lifestyle advice Mental health Stress Visible first aiders

At Engie Places and Communities, all of our Mental Health First Aiders’ have added a bold statement at the end of their signature on all emails. It reads ‘I’m a Mental Health First Aider’ in large, bright letters. This allows staff to reach out, if or when the time comes that they need to talk. It takes away the face…

Moodbeam Device for Mental Health and Wellbeing

Published 28 October 2019 | Written by David McPherson
CategoriesMental health Stress Worker fatigue

‘Moodbeam’ devices are currently being trialled on this project. The aim of these wristband devices is to support meaningful conversations in relation to the user’s mental health and wellbeing. The device logs sleep and activity, and the user presses a yellow button on the device when feeling happy and a blue button when feeling unhappy. The device connects to an…

Suicide Prevention Training

Published 11 October 2019 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesMental health Occupational health risks Stress

The site team investigated the suicide rate within the construction industry and discovered, via The Office of National Statistics, that between 2011 and 2015: people working in construction were 63% more likely to die by suicide than the national average. There were over 1,400 suicides in construction in five years, more than any other profession. This was three times higher…

Public Health England: Every Mind Matters

Published 7 October 2019 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesHealthy lifestyle advice Mental health Occupational health risks Posters

Public Health England have created their Every Mind Matters campaign to help your colleagues and members of the public to discover simple steps to achieve good mental health. This national campaign is full of expert advice and practical tips to help anyone affected by mental health. The campaign has a free NHS-approved online tool which is available on the Every…

Providing Materials and Site Cabins to a Community Association

Published 30 September 2019 | Written by Claire Anderson
CategoriesCharities/organisations Goodwill Labour Residents

The team working on Stobhill Mental Health Units were approached for old pallets and material off cuts by The Men’s Shed Association at Springburn Park, a charity that provides a place for men of all ages to go that suffer with depression and loneliness. The charity use woodworking, arts and crafts as a way for men to socialise with others…

Mindfulness: Mediation and Meditation

Published 5 August 2019 | Written by Rachel Mills
CategoriesMental health Stress Worker fatigue

On The Broadway project, we are focusing on the wellbeing of all Multiplex staff and contractors working on our behalf. We have collectively been thinking of new ways to help manage stress and in doing so have took to mindfulness and how it can help in the workplace. We invited a guest speaker to help us learn meditation techniques as…