Nuisance Management and Neighbourhood Liaison

Bordering a number of residential properties and with one elevation of the planned structure within 5m of occupied homes, this project has required proactive nuisance management to manage reputational risk and promote positive relationships with the local community.

This nuisance management encourages community-led solutions to local issues, building broader support for the project.

Since the outset of the project, the majority of complaints have concerned the impact of Noise, Dust and Vibration (NDV), as well as traffic management, logistics, and concerns about methodology and proximity of plant to residential properties.

The measures implemented include:

  • Immediately adjacent residents are kept informed via fortnightly targeted newsletters and special notices. This is delivered by hand to ensure that those who cannot access the internet remain informed. The newsletter has offered an opportunity to educate residents in greater detail on issues such as NDV recording, management, and reporting.
  • Monthly open community forums with minutes and tracked actions for accountability for residents.
  • Site hoarding promotes the CCS and demonstrates wider industry accountability.
  • Ad-hoc meetings with affected residents as required, enabling the contractor to more effectively resolve complaints and queries and to develop stronger positive relationships with some immediately impacted residents.
  • Engaged with the adjacent housing association and chaired specific meetings with their affected tenants.
  • Close liaison with the local authority, environmental health officer, and local councillors.

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