Posture Improvement Campaign: Soter Spine

Soter Spine Analysis is a 10-15 day program which helps coach you to use better working postures and avoid ergonomic injury.

It consists of a wearable device and mobile application. The device measures all the bending and twisting movements you make then calculates if the movement is hazardous. The app synchronises with the app, recording the data.

If you make a hazardous movement, the device vibrates and gives an audible notification.

There are 3 stages:

  • 1 day without notifications to calibrate our algorithms
  • 5-day Awareness program
  • 6-day Improvement program

Andrew Worthington, Logistics Manager SGG


Following a 14-day trial we sat down and spoke to Andy regarding his experience of Soter Spine, in particular, whether he had seen a benefit and any improvement in his posture/lifting technique.

The verbal feedback was positive, with Andy confirming that he felt a noticeable difference, particularly as he was conscious that he was wearing the device. This feedback has been backed up through the analysis on the electronic app, which downloads information to your smart phone.

As you can see from the screenshot, we have seen an overall marked improvement of the amount of hazardous activity Andy was exposed to by 19%. At the beginning of the trial Andy was making 3.6 hazardous movements per hour, this was reduced to to 2.9.

The top improvements were seen with Andy’s bad lifting/ lowering which reduced by 51% and his high intensity movements also decreasing by 23%.

We asked:

What are the benefits of wearing it?

“The subliminal factor, the device not only gives you training but it warns you through slight vibration and sound.”

Footer Reference

Monitor report. DeTrafford Construction Ltd. Manchester. September 2019.

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