Skin Cancer awareness

Rates of Skin Cancer are higher than any other cancer in the UK and it is estimated that 37 people a day in the UK are diagnosed with Skin Cancer.

At Knightbuild Ltd, a Skin Cancer Awareness campaign has been implemented and introduced across all our projects to educate our workforce about the associated dangers and also to introduce control measures to protect our workers from harmful UV rays when working in the sun .

This campaign has seen the introduction of UV bracelets which are issued to all our workers. The UV bracelets are worn on your wrist and change colour based on exposure to UV rays which alerts workers that they are potentially at risk.

In addition to the UV bracelets, and as part of the Skin Cancer Awareness campaign, Knightbuild Ltd have developed and introduced the following which is displayed at Skin Cancer Awareness stations on site :

  • A weekly traffic light UV weather report;
  • Working in the sun risk assessment;
  • Sun safe policy;
  • Skin cancer awareness posters;
  • Information booklets;
  • Sun cream dispensers.

Knightbuild Ltd have also been awarded a Sun Safe Workplace accreditation.

This scheme has been developed by “Skcin” The Karen Clifford Skin Cancer Charity and was established in 2006 and gaining accreditation involved the following :

  • Completing an assessment of the solar UVR exposure risk to employees;
  • Implementing and maintaining appropriate sun protection control measures;
  • Training employees about solar UV radiation, the prevention and early detection of skin cancer and how to work safely in the sun;
  • Monitoring programme effectiveness.

To find out more about Sckin click below.

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