The Broadway to Wellness

The Broadway to Wellness is a programme designed to encourage our workers to look after all aspects their overall wellbeing, including physical, mental, social and environmental. It gives them tools and activities to help them to do so. It is built using the five ways to wellness as advised on the NHS website:

  • GIVE: Giving makes you feel good on the inside, knowing you are helping others without expectation of something in return. We encourage all on the project to give both in time and donations.
  • KEEP LEARNING: Learning helps us to keep our minds strong as well as helping to reduce mental fatigue and stress. We hold life skills classes and occupational health talks.
  • BE ACTIVE: We have a weekly running club, including a beginner’s club taught by experienced runners, completing 0-5K in nine weeks. We also hold one off classes for people to try, the latest of these will be a salsa class. There are also ad hock football matches between the construction teams and the subcontractors.
  • TAKE NOTICE: We wiz through life and often don’t take time to notice the simple things. We have a mindfulness program, and advise people to walk regularly and notice things around them.
  • CONNECT: our social health is something we all take for granted, so it is important to protect our social health and reduce isolation. At the Broadway, we hold movie nights for £2 and suggest books to read to spark conversations. The activities we hold in all other sections also go towards assisting our workers to protect their social health.

To get workforce active and to enable staff to learn new skills which will keep them safe on and off the project, our onsite Perimeter Manager (an ex-Royal Marine) kindly offered anyone who wanted to attend to join his self-defence class which was held on the project.

We had fantastic feedback from staff who attended and all money raised from attendance was donated to our local charity. This meant that staff didn’t just learn new skills – they were also reassured that all the hard work helped to raise money for charity. Alongside this, we have designed our cabins with the use of branding colours and biophilia concepts.

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