Zero Emissions Electric Crane

This contractor is using the new Liebherr LR1160E Electric crane on their Canterbury Works Vent shaft site. This site requires the utilisation of a crane for a large portion of the works. There are two options for this requirement which are the HSC SCX1500A-3 Diesel Crane and the Liebherr LR1160E Electric Crane.

The comparisons between these cranes can be seen below:

ModelLiebherr LR1160E ElectricHSC SCX1500A-3 Diesel
Price£6500pw (including operator for 50 hours)£3275pw (including operator for 50 hours)
Delivery/Collection£3750 each way£3700 each way
Sound Level78.0dB (recorded at the Liebherr factory at 5m distance)105dB LWA
EmissionsZero Emissions
  • 3.5g/kWh CO
  • 0.19g/kWh HC
  • 0.4g/kWh NOx
  • 0.025g/kWh PM

The diesel crane offers a cheaper solution but has many drawbacks including louder noise levels, less sustainable and future fuel uncertainty.

Whereas the electric crane has more positive impacts including: quieter, requires less maintenance, zero emissions and can be used for up to four hours in an unplugged state.

Although these benefits come at a higher price, it sets a good example for the construction industry and aligns with the company values towards the environment and sustainability.

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