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Hoarding Celebrating Staff Members

Published 27 February 2018 | Written by Katy Gilbert
CategoriesBranding Corporate badging Enclosures First Impressions campaign Initial impressions

Over the last few months we have been working hard to improve the appearance of our construction sites by installing bespoke hoarding at some of our key projects, including an 80 metre hoarding installation at the site of a Jaguar Land Rover showroom we are building in Wolverhampton. We were inspired by the CCS ‘Construction’s First Impressions’ initiative to create…

Road safety competition displayed on the hoarding

Published 26 September 2017 | Written by Dominick Gallagher
CategoriesChild safety Enclosures First Impressions campaign Initial impressions Schools

Knight Build has spent a lot of time working with The Ursuline Prep School in Brentwood, Essex carrying out a Road Safety Week Arts Competition with 160 school children. The primary aim of the competition was to raise awareness with the children of the ongoing dangers associated with the road and the need to slow down in order to increase…

Outdoor Art Gallery

Published 13 September 2017 | Written by Laura Elster
CategoriesColleges Enclosures First Impressions campaign Initial impressions

Vauxhall Square is a mixed-use scheme that includes private residential units in two towers, a hotel, offices, cinema, restaurant, shops, affordable housing and a replacement homeless hostel. On a project of this scale, Neilcott Construction wanted to use its site hoarding to positively promote young local talent in Lambeth. After approaching a number of schools in the area, Neilcott representatives…

‘What You Can’t See’ Displays on Site Perimeter

Published 18 August 2017 | Written by Nick McQuaid
CategoriesEnclosures First Impressions campaign Initial impressions

Poster displays positioned at various locations on the site perimeter hoardings and fencing providing information to the public on ‘what you can’t see from here’. These posters provide an insight into areas of the development that can’t be viewed from the site perimeter. This informs the passer-by of valuable information in relation to the final completed project.

Construction and Careers Advertising Campaign

Published 17 August 2017 | Written by Antonia John
CategoriesApprenticeships Campaigns Communication First Impressions campaign Initial impressions

As the shortfall in new recruits joining the construction industry troubles its leaders, Welsh construction company Morganstone has taken the initiative and invested in a unique public campaign to attract the brightest and the best. The company has designed and developed a series of hoardings to highlight the wide ranging roles and opportunities within this booming industry. The hoardings –…

Site Signage on Hooks

Published 1 August 2017 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesEnclosures Graffiti Signage Vandalism

Construction sites’ appearance are a window into the industry for all those who walk past. A clean and tidy appearance projects a professional image of the industry and eases relations with the local community. Sites often have issues with graffiti and vandalism and must remain vigilant against such practices to maintain an appealing image. See the examples below for how…

Kids Zone on Site Hoarding

Published 11 July 2017 | Written by Valerie Cox
CategoriesEnclosures First Impressions campaign Initial impressions Viewing points

We have created a kids zone at our Carnarvon Road, Essex development. The idea of the kids zone is to inform them of the dangers of building sites and show them how operatives stay safe on site. We have produced our own Children’s Site Safety Booklet. The zone also includes the Honor Goodsite Spot the Job and Ivor Goodsite Hunt…

Designing Out Vandalism

Published 12 May 2017 | Written by Rachael Atkin
CategoriesColleges Enclosures First Impressions campaign Graffiti Initial impressions Universities Vandalism

We were commissioned by DONG Energy to develop an artwork for site hoardings at their operations and maintenance base in Birkenhead. We are constructing the facility, which will service DONG Energy’s Burbo Bank and Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm. Due to previous graffiti where the artwork was to be installed, we initiated a unique approach which succeeded in designing…

Main Site Pedestrian Entrance

Published 27 April 2017 | Written by Neil McCready
CategoriesCommunication Community notice board Entrance First Impressions campaign Initial impressions Posters Scheme posters/banners Signage Signage

At our Lion Wharf Project in Isleworth we aim to set high standards from the time you arrive at site until the time you leave – by having a clean, tidy and informative entrance area we hope that the correct culture is set right from the off. Our entrance area includes: Viewing points Flowers Travel plans Recycling point A Brief…

Rhydyfelin Community Tree

Published 19 April 2017 | Written by Rhianydd Jenkins
CategoriesCommunity liaison First Impressions campaign Initial impressions

To showcase the huge level of community engagement on the Library Close construction site, Jehu has worked with a selection of community groups and organisations to design and create a “Community Tree”. The tree shows how the project team has engaged with the community to ensure the new project puts down firm roots within the established village of Rhydyfelin, and…

Street Art Project

Published 28 March 2017 | Written by Carole Jones
CategoriesEnclosures First Impressions campaign Initial impressions

Jackson Civil Engineering is currently working on the Rathmore Road Improvement Scheme in Gravesend. As we recognised that construction work can cause inconvenience and disruption to local people, the aim of the street art project was to try and alleviate some of the impact whilst the project is under construction. We wanted to engage with the local community and enhance…

Fitting in at The Royal Academy of Music

Published 25 November 2016 | Written by Magnus Ross
CategoriesBranding Corporate badging Enclosures Entrance First Impressions campaign Fixtures and fittings Initial impressions Unloading

Based 100 yards away from Madame Tussauds in central London, the Royal Academy of Music is certainly in the limelight of the tourists and local community. The Academy is actually situated on the Crown Estate, where any construction is heavily controlled, and an impeccable appearance is key. With restricted space available, and following long discussions with the estate, it was…

Recycled Hoarding Paint

Published 2 August 2016 | Written by Dan Harmer
CategoriesEnclosures Green purchasing Recycle

We have utilised a recycled hoarding paint product which we have used on the hoardings, signage, CCS notice board and a neighbouring school shed that we refreshed with the surplus paint. The product is cost-effective and demonstrates part of our sustainability core values. This is great for the environment as it uses the recycling of a raw material and also great for appearance…

Good Housekeeping

Published 28 July 2016 | Written by Rosie Hughes
CategoriesAccommodation Checklist Housekeeping Layout and tidiness Organisation Procedures Screening of facilities Workforce involvement

Our Site Manager has introduced a comprehensive housekeeping checklist which covers all the areas of the site including site accommodation, site perimeter and access points. These areas are all checked regularly, signed off and a record kept in the site office. This ensures that there is a systematic process to site housekeeping, involving all of the workforce to approach the…

Specially Designed Hoarding Boards

Published 11 July 2016 | Written by Angelika Chraska-Pongo
CategoriesBranding Corporate badging Enclosures Entrance First Impressions campaign Initial impressions Layout and tidiness

Hoarding boards are used to help keep the site more secure, the hoarding boards are strong, versatile and could easily be moved around site. The compound fence was changed in consultation with the local stakeholders to improve the image of the site. The hoarding boards have been painted blue so that the fences would blend in with the surroundings. Installing…