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‘Spotlight on… the next generation’ follow-up article

Published 10 December 2018 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesAge Careers advice Careers advice Colleges Community liaison Create opportunities Nurseries Residents Schools Training Universities

In August 2018, the Scheme launched ‘Spotlight on… the next generation’ to provide information and resources to help tackle the industry’s skills shortage and encourage young people into construction. ‘Spotlight on…the next generation’ delivers practical advice for everyone in the industry to understand the urgent need to encourage young people to consider a career in construction. The campaign includes statistics,…

Learning about Construction during the School Holidays

Published 14 September 2018 | Written by Farhan Mohamed
CategoriesCommunity liaison Create opportunities Public Residents Schools

The site team from United Living at Rhodes Moorhouse Court invited the local kids around our site for a two hour construction and bricklaying session on the 30th August. This was a perfect day out for them during their school holidays. They spent some time in our meeting room going through a presentation on the construction industry, a quiz on…

Encouraging The Next Generation

Published 6 September 2018 | Written by Manjeeta Pathak
CategoriesCommunity liaison Universities

Encouraging the next generation to consider the construction career is the only way to meet the construction workforce demand. At Lyon Square, we have worked alongside City, University of London to launch an industry insight for students. They visited the site, talked with the professional and had lunch with senior management, providing them the chance to discuss how the industry works….

Community Nursery Gate Unveiling

Published 24 August 2018 | Written by Frank Blande
CategoriesCommunity liaison First Impressions campaign Initial impressions Nurseries

Following on from our Ivor Goodsite visit and flower planting workshop with Fitzrovia Community Nursery, the Multiplex team at 80 Charlotte Street arranged to have the children’s pictures and photos installed on the project gate opposite the nursery entrance. We then gathered all the children together from the nursery to show them the end result. We featured three of their…

Maths Challenge

Published 24 August 2018 | Written by Frank Blande

Members of the Multiplex team organised a two day maths challenge at Carlton Primary School in Camden. Staff spent two days with 60 students aged 9 and 10 years old. The team were there to promote the importance of maths in any profession, especially construction. This was delivered in a variety of methods including quizzes, film clips from an Engineer,…

Engineering Assembly

Published 24 August 2018 | Written by Frank Blande
CategoriesCareers advice Legacy Schools

2018 has been designated as the Year of Engineering by the Government. To celebrate this, Multiplex organised an assembly based on the theme of Engineering at Carlton Primary School. Attending the event were about 90 students, aged 8 to 10. The event was conducted in a carousel style with ‘stands’ on various themes including plumbing, hazards, problem solving and structural…

Enhancing Lives

Published 13 August 2018 | Written by Leanna Martin
CategoriesCooperation Legacy Schools

The company has a target to enhance a number of lives each year. One method of enhancing a life can include educating young people about the industry to ensure we have a future pipeline of skills. With the school year coming to a close, we have had a number of young people aged 14-17 participating in work experience and work…

Collaborative Work Experience Project

Published 26 June 2018 | Written by Alison Ramsbottom
CategoriesCareers advice Schools

On 15th June, we had three young visitors from Sawston Village College who arrived with Helen Clements, Community Investment Advisor, Morgan Sindall and Harry Lewis, Graduate Design Manager, Morgan Sindall. The three young visitors were on work experience with Morgan Sindall who are trying to encourage interest in the construction industry. We were, and are, happy to work with them…

Inspiring the Next Generation: Foundations Live

Published 19 June 2018 | Written by Jacquie Blades
CategoriesCampaigns Careers advice Colleges Schools

Hobson & Porter is committed to positively influencing employment, skills and career opportunities within the Construction Industry as part of our CSR and sustainability strategy. Enhancing employment and skills through the pro-active engagement of industry partners is absolutely fundamental to achieving this. The Hobson & Porter’s Foundations programme, which is in its third year, is an annual initiative aligned to…

Engie Construction Challenges

Published 19 June 2018 | Written by Karen Field
CategoriesCampaigns Careers advice Schools

Youth engagement is an important objective for ENGIE and promoting the construction industry and the wealth of careers within it is particularly important at a time when there is a general skills shortage and not enough young people entering the industry. ENGIE has responded to the need for more widespread and engaging promotion of the industry by developing our own…

Providing resources on engineering to local schools

Published 4 June 2018 | Written by Sandra Evenden
CategoriesCareers advice Careers advice Colleges Schools Universities

Making the next generation aware of the different roles within our industry is something Sisk Lagan Joint Venture take very seriously and it became apparent on several visits to local schools that the lack of knowledge as to where the teachers could obtain career information materials was a real problem for them. We ordered boxes of the different career packs…

Promoting the construction industry to young children

Published 9 May 2018 | Written by Jane Elder
CategoriesGoodwill Nurseries Schools

We have created a mascot teddy bear (Dave) to promote the Construction Industry to younger children. Dave the Bear is used in nurseries and schools (ages 4-8) to engage with the younger pupils. We have a number of presentations on different construction projects including schools, housing and industrial units which include Dave undertaking a number of site activities from attending…

Get into Engineering Programme

Published 23 April 2018 | Written by Megan Jardine
CategoriesCampaigns Careers advice Colleges Create opportunities

Pupils aged 15-17 from the Clyde Gateway area are celebrating their graduation from a programme designed to introduce them to a career in the built environment industry. Budding engineers from St Mungo’s Academy, Eastbank Academy, Trinity High and Stonelaw Academy took part in the ten-week Get Into Engineering programme, run in collaboration between Clyde Gateway, Robertson Group, Glasgow Kelvin College…

The B1M Construction YouTube Channel

Published 16 April 2018 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCampaigns Careers advice Communication Promoting Construction campaign Social media Training

The B1M is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to promoting the construction industry. The channel originated as a format for its founder, a former employee of a main contractor, to encourage wider uptake of Building Information Modelling (BIM). The channel has since evolved to include a variety of video content about the construction industry, including in-depth examinations of current projects,…

STEM Activity Day

Published 5 April 2018 | Written by Claire Anderson
CategoriesCareers advice Legacy Schools

The Blairdardie site team from BAM Construction recently supported Blairdardie Primary School’s STEM Week as part of our on-going Education Engagement with the school. At the event, we created four BAM stations which included the following construction related activities: VR Area: We used cardboard VR goggles and iPads to showcase 360 images of the pupils’ new school. The BAM Construct…