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Inspired Choices Programme

Published 8 April 2020 | Written by Anne Edwards
CategoriesCareers advice Careers advice Colleges Community liaison Disadvantaged groups Equality Goodwill Inclusion Placements Promoting Construction campaign Residents Schools

Inspired Choices is a collaborative programme from the Police, Fire and probation services, local authorities, health providers, private organisations, charities and community leaders who are working together to support vulnerable young people. A £10,000 sponsorship programme for 2019/2020 was provided, which includes mentoring and volunteering time from Willmott Dixon employees including colleagues at the Christ Church School Academy project. Site…

Girl Dreamer Academy

Published 8 April 2020 | Written by Anne Edwards
CategoriesCareers advice Careers advice Colleges Community liaison Diversity Equality Inclusion Residents Schools

The Girl Dreamer Academy programme is an empowerment platform for women and girls of colour. Through leadership development programmes, adventure sport and digital content they aim to build confidence and unleash the potential of girls everywhere. Girl Dreamer likes to push the boundaries, test the waters and go full throttle at everything they do. From setting up the UK’s first…

Apprentice and Trainee Site Manager Scheme

Published 9 March 2020 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesApprenticeships Careers advice Employed Placements Training

St Modwen Homes has had an active involvement in developing new people in the industry through the company’s “Apprentice & Trainee Site Manager Scheme”. This scheme is a detailed programme which facilitates development and progression over 4 years, from Apprentice to Trainee to Assistant Site Manager. The programme is modular based, requiring attendees to spend time in various departments (H&S,…

The 5 W Construction Challenge

Published 9 March 2020 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCareers advice Careers advice Schools

To encourage Secondary School Students to become more actively involved during their Educational Site Tours, Robertson introduced an activity called the 5 W Construction Challenge. It was apparent from previous site tours that some of the students were much more confident that others in asking questions. To resolve this, Robertson wanted to provide an experience that engaged all students and…

Mad Science Sustainability Lab

Published 9 March 2020 | Written by Nalise Hahn
CategoriesAwareness Campaigns Community liaison Plastics and packaging Schools Sustainable solutions

As part of delivering our corporate responsibility targets relating to community engagement on this project, we have partnered with a company called Mad Science to deliver an informative series of sustainability workshops to a local school. Mad Science’s Sustainability Lab workshop programme is much easier to teach, more engaging and is much less stressful than a mass field trip to…

Chicken Coop Design Project

Published 9 March 2020 | Written by Laura Deadman
CategoriesBirds Community liaison Goodwill work Labour Schools Sensitivity to neighbours

Our local school had vandals attack their chicken coop, which led to the majority of their chickens being exposed to natural predators leading to only two little hens surviving. As we were trying to take a creative approach on how we could avoid any timber waste on our project, we decided to build a small prototype chicken coop for our…

Wonder Learning Boxes

Published 2 March 2020 | Written by Rebecca Bernklow
CategoriesCommunity liaison Personal development Residents Universities

As part of our engagement with the community surrounding our project at the University of Strathclyde, we reached out to the Civil Engineering Department to conduct a ‘hands on lecture’ that would support the students learning and awareness. We created ‘Wonder Learning Boxes’, which were each filled with a different textile for the students to feel and discuss with their…

ICF Construction with a Local School

Published 24 February 2020 | Written by Niall Smith
CategoriesCommunity liaison Operative behaviour Schools

We are constructing 80 houses in Dunleer, Co. Louth, Ireland using a insulated concrete form (ICF). The ICF blocks are a lightweight polystyrene block, that is filled with concrete once installed. Constructing the ICF walls involves slotting one block into another and can easily be completed by anyone. We engaged with the local school and arranged an activity on site,…

Apprentices Talk at a Careers Fair

Published 17 February 2020 | Written by James Morfitt
CategoriesApprenticeships Careers advice Careers advice Colleges Community liaison Placements Promoting Construction campaign Residents Schools

Members of the Leeds Public Transport Improvement Programme (LPTIP) attended Leeds apprenticeship recruitment fair on Monday 3 February. The annual fair attracts young people from ages 14 onwards and is a great place to find out more about what options are available for those who don’t want to go to university. This year, the event was attended by 6,123 delegates…

Local Students Prepare for their Careers

Published 3 February 2020 | Written by James Morfitt
CategoriesCareers advice Community liaison Goodwill Schools

Staff from the LPTIP (Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme) project recently took part in a series of workshops at the Co-operative Academy, run in conjunction with with local social enterprise Ahead Partnership. The workshops, designed to the help pupils plan for their GCSE subjects and future career goals, were facilitated by senior project manager Peter Dawson (pictured) ​and senior planner…

Site Educational Tours

Published 13 January 2020 | Written by Sinead Gorman
CategoriesCommunity liaison Residents Sensitivity to neighbours Universities

Due to the historical interest in the Ewart House building on the Bedford Square property, we extended the invitation to various parties for a site tour. We had students from the University of Ulster Architecture course and Aecom Engineering Apprentices on site to view various elements of the works, such as restoration of the old building and how this will…

University Guest Lectures

Published 9 December 2019 | Written by Sophie Hambling
CategoriesCorporate Social Responsibility action plan Goodwill Universities

As part of their corporate social responsibility plan, Speller Metcalfe are providing guest lectures for the University of Wolverhampton, aimed at the Built Environment Courses. The lectures cover the following areas: Integrated Project Insurance: an Overview and contractor’s perspective Utilisation of software for field based quality assurance: industry drivers and project case studies Lessons learnt from 10 years of constructing…

Creating an ‘EcoPatch’ with School Children

Published 2 December 2019 | Written by Sophie Hambling
CategoriesAwareness Community liaison Planting Schools

Pupils from a Hereford primary school swapped the classroom for a construction site when they visited the new Cyber Quarter Midlands Centre for Cyber Security. Year three pupils from Lord Scudamore Academy joined building contractor Speller Metcalfe to help create an ‘eco patch’ at Skylon Park, Rotherwas. The children created animal environments including two large ‘bug hotels’ and were given…

Primary School students get hands-on experience of the Construction Industry

Published 4 November 2019 | Written by Joe Hudson
CategoriesCommunity liaison Schools

Pupils from Central Walker Primary School got the opportunity to learn how to build bird boxes and how to build the perfect brick walls as they visited staff on the site of the Wharrier Street development in Newcastle, which is just down the road from their school. Eight students got the opportunity to talk to members of staff about their…

Digital Legacy

Published 21 October 2019 | Written by Sophie Hambling
CategoriesCommunity liaison Universities

The Midlands Centre for Cyber Security project in Hereford has an extensive engagement programme with the University of Wolverhampton. One of the elements of the engagement is to make the most of the on site works by creating ‘On Site With’ videos that can be used by the Built Environment Courses for years to come; not only explain and demonstrate…