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Grow It Yourself

Published 16 June 2022 | No comments
Written by Robert Walsh
CategoriesDiet Support for local charities
GROWCircle is run by Grow it Yourself (GIY), an Irish social enterprise that supports people around the world to live healthier, happier and more sustainable lives by growing some of their own food. Their mission is to educate and enable a global movement of food growers whose collective actions will help to rebuild a sustainable food system. This contractor has...

Recycling of Plastic Waste Barriers

Published 6 June 2022 | No comments
Written by Josie Simpson
CategoriesReduced use of single use plastics Waste management
On this project there is a large amount of plastic water barriers (approximately 1.5km in length). Over time sections of this barrier became worn or damaged from vehicle strikes, handling etc. and becomes unfit for use – usually when it can no longer hold water. They gathered up quite a quantity of these end-of-life barriers and were looking at a...

Environmental Infographic

Published 5 May 2022 | No comments
Written by Alan Tully
CategoriesEducation Notice board Promoting achievements Regular communication
In order to publicise the benefits of carbon reduction on site the contractor prepared for members of the public an environment infographic to outline the carbon savings experienced by using: Recycled concrete in the permanent works in lieu of crushed rock Stabilising the wet dredge on site and reusing it in the permanent works Using a blended cement binder (GGBS)...

Wet Mix Stabilisation of Dredged Material

Published 5 May 2022 | No comments
Written by Alan Tully
CategoriesCarbon reduction Lower embodied carbon content materials
The contractor developed a methodology to stabilise 6500m3 of wet dredged material (from the sea-bed) on site by utilising a modification of the existing ALLU system, using a site batched cementitious grout to mix with the dredged material to form a homogeneous mix that later cured into a weak concrete. The methodology ensured that this material could stay on site...

Filtra Cycle

Published 24 January 2022 | No comments
Written by Eoghan Cremin
CategoriesPlacement of waste
Cigarette butts are one of the most commonly discarded pieces of waste worldwide with 4 trillion butts ending up as waste annually. Usually all of this waste ends up in landfill with some also finding its way into our waterways/reservoirs and eventually into the ocean where each one can release enough nicotine & microplastic to pollute up to 1000L of...

Certified Water Stewardship Training

Published 13 January 2022 | No comments
Written by Adam Craig
CategoriesWater saving measures
Certified Water Stewardship training through Irish Water and the Lean & Green Skillnet was undertaken by the environmental champion for this project. This training and education allows the champion to: Identify the high water use across the site and develop an action plan to reduce the overall water use and make the use of water on site more efficient. Help...

Temporary Lift Shaft Doors

Published 13 January 2022 | No comments
Written by Adam Craig
CategoriesControlled access
Temporary lift shaft doors are installed after completion of the RC shaft to ensure that lift engineers and contractors on the landing are safe at all times. The doors on the upper floors can only be opened from the inside. The lift installer can complete the lift installation and temporary doors are removed once the lift door is installed. These...

Off Site Prefabricated Reinforcement

Published 24 November 2021 | No comments
Written by Philip Kissane
CategoriesOffsite construction Prefabrication
On this project they have designed and fabricated off site reinforcement sections for the super flat specialised concrete ground floor slabs of a warehouse. This system consists of a prefabricated roll out bottom matt of reinforcement along with prefabricated top matt sections complete with u-bars around the edges and highchairs attached ready to be installed onto the roll out bottom...

Emergency Response Team Drill Training

Published 2 August 2021 | No comments
Written by Adam Craig
CategoriesEmergency preparedness
On this project the emergency response site team carried out drill training on confined space rescue and rescue from height using a man basket. This practical drill response training was supervised by the contractors in house EHS training manager who gave feedback and advice on the drills. This was a good training exercise for the team to have practical experience...

Security Operative Trained in Signing, Lighting and Guarding

Published 26 July 2021 | No comments
Written by Adam Craig
CategoriesDisability and special needs facilities Pedestrian safety
This site is located in a business park that has busy tram station located directly adjacent. The site team decided that the security operative that was located in cabin at the main gate on this busy route should be trained in signing, lighting and guarding (SLG) so as too have a better understanding of management of public and site traffic...

Outdoor Heaters with Sensor Activation

Published 26 July 2021 | No comments
Written by Adam Craig
CategoriesCanteen Recreational facilities Rest
When sites in Ireland returned to work after the lockdown, there was a need to create eating and breakout areas where the site operatives could be socially distant from each other. This site created an outdoor space within the site compound to facilitate this. The site also installed heaters within the shelter to keep operatives warm during the colder months....

Solar Powered Time Lapse Cameras

Published 19 July 2021 | No comments
Written by Philip Kissane
CategoriesGreen/renewable energy
On this project they have installed time lapse cameras to capture the construction work as it progresses. These cameras of which there are two have been setup to be operational with the use of solar powered panels, which was very useful as the location of the cameras were in remote locations on the site and avoided the need to install...

Anti Fog Safety Glasses Supplied to the Workforce

Published 5 July 2021 | No comments
Written by Niall Smith
This contractor have noticed that the necessity to wear coronavirus related face masks has led to issues with compulsory safety glasses fogging up. To rectify this the contractor have provided at no cost to the workers, antifogging safety glasses allowing them to wear the correct PPE.

No Butts Campaign

Published 2 June 2021 | No comments
Written by Emer Brennan
CategoriesCleaning and maintenance regime Periodic inspection and clean-up of boundaries
On  this project, two Trinity college students approached the site in relation to the recycling of cigarette butts. The students had a plan in relation to the reuse of cigarette butts and have developed the ‘No butts campaign’. The students provided bins called stashtrays for use in the smoking area on site where workers now dispose of butts in the...

Solar Powered Pedestrian Beacons with iBeacon Technology

Published 20 May 2021 | No comments
Written by Philip Kissane
CategoriesConserve of energy Controlled access Green/renewable energy
On this project as part of the refurbishment works to be carried out on the Admin building, the company’s operations staff and management had to be relocated to temporary accommodation to facilitate the work. In line with relocating their operations staff and management a traffic management plan was implemented to provide safe access and egress to and from the temporary...