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Hydrostatic Sprayer

Published 26 January 2021 | No comments
Written by Eoghan Cremin
CategoriesCleaning and maintenance regime
This project consists of the construction of student apartments housed in 4 blocks ranging from 7 to 9 floors in height with a construction programme of 20 months. Whilst reviewing the coronavirus site preventative measures, they engaged with their cleaning contractor to investigate available products and solutions which could improve their sanitising procedures. When researching they discovered a hydrostatic sprayer...

Video Virtual Tour

Published 14 December 2020 | No comments
Written by Lisa Zdravkovic
CategoriesInspection and assurance
The M6 Junction 10 Improvement Scheme, received its first Considerate Constructors Scheme Monitor visit on the 10 December. Unfortunately due to coronavirus restrictions it was not permitted for an in person Monitor visit to take place. The Considerate Constructors Scheme advised that the Monitor visit would be virtual via Microsoft Teams, due to the second lockdown and the tier system...

Cold Weather Warning Beacon

Published 7 December 2020 | No comments
Written by Ian Thompson
CategoriesInspection and assurance
As the weather gets colder and frost is forecast it can create slippery conditions on access routes to workfaces early in the morning. Often operatives access the site before salting is completed and has a chance to take effect. To create awareness of potentially freezing conditions for operatives as they come in the main pedestrian gate a frost alert sign...

Acoustic Screen

Published 10 November 2020 | No comments
Written by Eoghan Cremin
CategoriesAdvance notice of disruptive works Noise Positioning of equipment, lighting and CCTV
The Crows Nest Student Accommodation project is located on the western gateway to Cork City. The project consists of the construction of student apartments housed in 4 blocks ranging from 7 to 9 floors in height with a construction programme of 20 months. There is an existing student village accommodation centre adjacent to the site. Prior to commencing works on...

Using Flowers to Improve Signage

Published 11 August 2020 | No comments
Written by Ian Thompson
Sisk needed to warn approaching vehicles and vulnerable road users that a construction site was ahead. However it was decided that rather than adding to the existing road signage of this mature area of Dublin that a different approach could be taken which would also improve the appearance of the area. The site decided to have a number of sturdy...

Sharing Progress Images against BIM with the Community

Published 11 August 2020 | No comments
Written by Ian Thompson
CategoriesRegular updates of progress Reviews and lessons learned
The Fibonacci Square project in central Dublin is a landmark office development in a high profile site. This project has been on-going for nearly two years when the demolition and excavation works are taken into account. This has generated significant local interest in the progress of the project and what it will finally look like. In order to address this...

Protecting a Nesting Bird

Published 7 July 2020 | No comments
Written by Eoghan Cremin
CategoriesIdentification of flora, fauna and natural resources Protection of existing natural habitat Specialist input
The project is located in a residential area in the suburbs of Cork City and was closed during the COVID -19 pandemic in line with government requirements. Site management returned to work prior to the workforce to carry out inspections & implement measures to facilitate the returning workers welfare. During inspection of an apartment it was noticed that a bird...

Coronavirus Social Distancing

Published 27 March 2020 | No comments
Written by John Kilkenny
CategoriesSuitable/accessible separate facilities
The construction sector is in a time of massive upheaval and change as a result of coronavirus. Our site has come up with many ways of helping to stop the spread of the virus and to do our part within the community to contain the virus and keep all of our staff, loved ones and the wider community safe. Having...

Presenting the Opportunities Available to Women in Construction

Published 23 March 2020 | No comments
Written by James Morfitt
CategoriesPlan to positively promote construction Support for careers advice
To celebrate International Women’s Day, Kelly Sowden and Sophie Dick hosted a presentation at Temple Moor High School in Leeds to Year 11 students, to promote engineering roles and role for women in engineering. They discussed the different types of engineering and how John Sisk & Son aim to increase the number of women they hire into the industry. Gender...

One Planet Living Participation

Published 16 March 2020 | No comments
Written by Aaron Hackett
CategoriesCarbon offsetting Carbon reduction Conserve of energy
The One Planet Living framework aims to conserve the earth’s resources and tackle the emerging climate and ecological crisis. Integrating sustainability into construction projects is key to achieving this. For this reason, One Planet living has been adopted and promoted onsite in Bonham Quay. A number of commitments have been made by the site in the areas of: Health and...

ICF Construction with a Local School

Published 24 February 2020 | No comments
Written by Niall Smith
CategoriesCommunity engagement Schools and nurseries
We are constructing 80 houses in Dunleer, Co. Louth, Ireland using a insulated concrete form (ICF). The ICF blocks are a lightweight polystyrene block, that is filled with concrete once installed. Constructing the ICF walls involves slotting one block into another and can easily be completed by anyone. We engaged with the local school and arranged an activity on site,...

Temporary City Bus Stop

Published 24 February 2020 | No comments
Written by James Morfitt
CategoriesPlanning of traffic routes Safety signage Signage
To allow for the footpath widening and new road layout, most of the bus stops along the Headrow were replaced with temporary bus stops and shelters while work was carried out. During this work, clear signage was in place to avoid confusion and to ensure that pedestrians, bus drivers and motorists were kept safe. The temporary bus stops worked well, along...

Solar Welfare Van

Published 24 February 2020 | No comments
Written by James Morfitt
CategoriesConserve of energy
The Leeds projects have incorporated the latest Nixon Hire solar welfare van. The welfare van is environmentally friendly by offering: Solar Panels Low CO2 Emissions Silent run time Less oil use With such a large fleet of vans available, it made sense for us to investigate how solar power could reduce emission output and increase the efficiency of the vehicle’s...

Apprentices Talk at a Careers Fair

Published 17 February 2020 | No comments
Written by James Morfitt
CategoriesColleges and universities Community engagement Plan to positively promote construction Promoting construction as a career choice Schools and nurseries Support for careers advice
Members of the Leeds Public Transport Improvement Programme (LPTIP) attended Leeds apprenticeship recruitment fair on Monday 3 February. The annual fair attracts young people from ages 14 onwards and is a great place to find out more about what options are available for those who don’t want to go to university. This year, the event was attended by 6,123 delegates...

First Night Toiletry Bags

Published 10 February 2020 | No comments
Written by James Morfitt
CategoriesCommunity engagement Support for local charities
John Sisk & Son donated 50 sets of first night toiletry bags to Empowerment, a charity that helps women released from prison back into society and also for women from domestic violence situations who have had the courage to walk away from their situation with nothing. Empowerment is a charity based in Blackpool, which has made a long term commitment...