Rising factory

Published 5 May 2017 | No comments
Written by James Low
CategoriesImprovement Landscaping
Working at heights can be very dangerous and should be avoided when possible. Sometimes this cannot be avoided, however, and therefore any techniques to improve the safety should be implemented. High level working can also cause environmental and visual challenges to local residents and the community. The example below shows how one site achieved this: The company is introducing a...

Traffic Marshals: Usage of Body Cameras

Published 4 May 2017 | No comments
Written by Harish Raghwani
CategoriesRoutes Traffic management Traffic marshal Unloading
The body cameras record all activities within the delivery route and loading bay, taking into account wellbeing of traffic marshals and key stakeholders within the LSE Community. We engaged with Reveal Media and successfully trialled their body cameras at a discounted rate. This negated the requirement for a traditional static CCTV system, and the equipment can be moved from project to...

Site and Office Competency Cards

Published 4 May 2017 | No comments
Written by James Low
CategoriesQualifications Skills card
Sometimes, it’s difficult to demonstrate the competency of the workforce on site or in the office, as inductions, paper certificates, trade qualifications and in house training are not always recognised by a skills card. Therefore, the team at Heathrow needed a simple but effective and accessible way to record competency. The card will be carried by all staff on site...

Interactive Safety Induction Video 1 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 5

Published 26 April 2017 | No comments
Written by James Low
CategoriesSite specific induction Site-specific induction Training
It is essential that health and safety issues are thoroughly addressed during the induction process, as this ensures the safety of all those on site. However, it can be hard to make this message memorable and ensure operatives pay attention to vital safety details. See the examples below for how one site addressed this: The site worked with a multimedia...

Hoarding Food Collection Points

Published 20 March 2017 | No comments
Written by Ushna Mughal
CategoriesCharities/organisations Goodwill Support
Mace’s 21 Moorfields team has launched the 21 MoorFood campaign in March to collect donations to help the homeless in the City of London. The campaign is part of the team’s ongoing effort to encourage the construction team and site neighbours to help those in need. 8,000 people sleep rough on the streets of London every year and a great...

Zero CO2 emissions and reduced air quality impacts by using Electric Vehicles

Published 28 October 2016 | No comments
Written by Andrew Kinsey
CategoriesAir quality Hybrid/electric plant Minimised fuel use Reduce Travel plans Van signage/information
Mace have invested in Nissan e-NV200 electric vans to escort staff around some of our larger projects and between sites. Benefits include zero CO2 emissions and reduced noise levels mean less nuisance from traffic noise. Because they are entirely battery powered they emit no particulate matter when driving, reducing the impact on local air quality which is an increasing concern...

Mace’s ‘Building Futures’ programme: revealing careers in construction to young women 1 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 5

Published 10 October 2016 | No comments
Written by Laura Hampson
CategoriesCareers advice Careers advice Colleges Equality Schools
One of the problems that exists when talking to young people about careers in construction is the lack of understanding about the variety of different roles available. Both teachers and school children are unaware of the scope with a career in construction and can limit the options of students because of preconceptions about who would be suitable to work in...

Armorguard Cutting Station

Published 19 September 2016 | No comments
Written by Andrew Kinsey
CategoriesControls Initiatives
The armorgard cuttingstation is used on a number of Mace projects as a work station for cutting lengths of metal, such as conduit, cable tray and pipe. Integral health and safety features include fire-rated sound deadening foam to reduce noise pollution, and screens to contain and protect from sparks. The chop saw is positioned on a rubber mat to reduce...

Improved dust control using backpack vacuum cleaners

Published 14 September 2016 | No comments
Written by Andrew Kinsey
CategoriesDust prevention Injuries
Control of dust arising from concrete surfaces, plasterboard and the like is becoming an increasingly critical issue on construction projects for health and safety, quality and environmental reasons. Using traditional vacuum cleaners with trailing cables presents a safety risk from trailing cables and is impractical to reach certain parts of some construction projects. Mace have trialled the use of backpack...

Multi Lingual Poster

Published 24 August 2016 | No comments
Written by Andrew Kinsey
CategoriesCommunicate initiatives Diversity Equality Language differences Literacy training Minority groups
At Mace, we try to remind our site personnel about the importance of being helpful and courteous to the general public. To do this, we have developed a sign to be displayed at the site entrance and exits which is translated into several different languages to suit the nationalities of the operatives on our sites. This makes sure operatives are aware of...

Achieving Project FSC Certification at 5 Broadgate

Published 8 August 2016 | No comments
Written by Andrew Kinsey
CategoriesCertifications Clients Green purchasing Investigation Management policy Site environmental plan Supply chain Supply chain Sustainable solutions Sustainable source Workforce
To provide a validated chain of custody for timber materials from source to site, Mace worked with the client, architect and design team at 5 Broadgate to achieve Project FSC Certification. This was undertaken voluntarily, beyond original sustainability requirements specified for the project. Project FSC certification represents best practice in responsible sourcing of timber, as at the end of 2015,...

What’s in your spill kit?

Published 3 August 2016 | One comment
Written by Andrew Kinsey
CategoriesSpill control Workforce
Since the nature of spill kits provided on site by contractors can vary immensely and people on site are not always aware of what they should contain, Mace have created a poster to identify what should be included. The posters states that all of the following should be included: Absorbent granules; Plastic bags; Absorbent pads; Bin with lid; Absorbent booms;...

Timber Re-use and Recycling

Published 3 August 2016 | No comments
Written by Andrew Kinsey
CategoriesActual vs target Re-use Recycle
Timber is a widely used material in construction, which with a little effort can easily be reused on site, or recycled off site. At 5 Broadgate, Mace established a timber reuse area where unwanted timber materials could be temporarily stored for reuse by any contractor. Timber that could not be reused on site was provided to the Woods Forever Timber...

Embodied Carbon Poster

Published 2 August 2016 | No comments
Written by Andrew Kinsey
CategoriesAwareness Monitoring Signage Workforce
To help site personnel understand what is meant by embodied carbon, Mace created an embodied carbon poster, relating the impact of making one brick to the impact of making a pint of beer. By translating an impact into a language people can understand it helps communicate what can be a somewhat abstract concept. Since many people working on site like...

Improving Air Quality with an Air Scrubber

Published 22 July 2016 | No comments
Written by James Low
CategoriesAir quality Dust prevention Occupational health risks
As part of the dust management strategy by the Como team undertaking a Cat B fit-out of a central London commercial office space, an air scrubber was used to remove dust and unwelcome particulate matter on site. The air scrubber is positioned in the middle of an enclosed area without any ducting attached. The air is then drawn through its...