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Combatting Period Poverty

Published 20 December 2021 | Written by Debbie Plavinskas
CategoriesEquality Inclusion Sanitary bins

This contractor believe all women should have access to sanitary products during their period however, there are many women who are experiencing period poverty and are unable to access or afford them. These women have no choice but to use rags, socks, or even newspaper to manage their menstruation, making them vulnerable to disease. This project team decided to make…

Disability Caused by Works Forum

Published 24 November 2021 | Written by Michael Barratt MBE
CategoriesDiversity Equality Inclusion Local and special needs Sensitivity to neighbours

The Equality Act 2010: ‘We have a duty not to substantially disadvantage a disabled person in relation to a non-disabled person’ and to make reasonable adjustments to supply access where practicable. As a public body, Transport for London (TfL) must comply with the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED). This part of the Equality Act 2010 requires public bodies and organisations…

Gender Neutral Washrooms

Published 25 October 2021 | Written by Conor O'Brien
CategoriesDiversity Equality Inclusion Sanitary bins Toilets

In recent years, society has made huge strides towards gender equality. However, deciding which bathroom to use is a common problem for people who identify as transgender. Gender neutral washrooms are seen as far more inclusive for transgender individuals. Therefore this contractor has implemented gender neutral washrooms that are lockable self contained units which provide dignity and privacy. Each unit…

Breast Feeding Friendly Site

Published 25 October 2021 | Written by Shannon Dawe
CategoriesInclusion Separate facilities

On this site they have pregnant women or mothers present, therefore they have recognised a private space was needed to pump in private to keep up their supply therefore they dedicated a private nursing room for use by the project team and visitors, with a range of appropriate facilities as a minimum standard. The facilities provided include a comfy chair,…

3 Point Plan for Women’s Welfare

Published 4 October 2021 | Written by Lucy Austin
CategoriesDiversity Equality Helplines Inclusion Posters Sanitary bins

This contractor implemented a 3 Point Plan to support women’s wellbeing at work. This plan focused on domestic violence, period dignity and self-defence to create a safer environment both in and out of the workplace. This is especially poignant as domestic abuse reports significantly rose during lockdown & in 2020 it was reported that 55% of women were sexually harassed…

Talking Newsletter for the Visually Impaired

Published 27 September 2021 | Written by Owen Winters
CategoriesAdvance notice of disruptive works Diversity E-learning Inclusion Local and special needs Sensitivity to neighbours Updates

This project has a large amount of interaction with members of the public. While the usual visual aids in the form of signage and barriers along with printed newsletters and information boards are suitable for the majority of people, they are of little benefit to those who are visually impaired. Through pre-start site visits it was apparent that there were…

Gender Equality Workshop

Published 27 September 2021 | Written by Lucy Austin
CategoriesConsultation Diversity Equality Feedback Inappropriate language Inclusion Management attitudes

To promote sustainable employment, a Women’s Network was established to enable locally recruited women to discuss key issues such as health, gender equality and celebrate International Women’s Day. The local women’s network provides the environment to enable women to not feel alone in a male dominated industry A recent outcome has been the creation of an interactive gender equality workshop…

Making Websites Accessible to all

Published 31 August 2021 | Written by Andrew Kinsey
CategoriesCultural needs Equality Inclusion Language Differences

Nearly one in five people have some form of physical, visual, auditory, cognitive, or neurological disabilities that could affect their ability to access information online the same way as other people. They may struggle with: Focusing on relevant sections of text The font, text size, or spacing of the text Poor colour contrasts between background and foreground Distractions presented by…

Veterans Committee

Published 16 August 2021 | Written by Cara McAinsh
CategoriesDiversity Equality Inclusion Management attitudes

This contractor has a family of veterans working within the business including a group of ex-armed forces and ex-‘blue’ light service personnel who have landed in the construction industry one way or another. In order to support each other to the very best of their abilities, their Veterans Committee was formed. The Chairman and Vice Chairman are both ex-army, and…

Flexible Working

Published 16 August 2021 | Written by Shauna Young
CategoriesAge Diversity Equality Inclusion Management attitudes

This contractor has long recognised there is a need to design more flexible roles and career pathways within construction. This has been accentuated by the pandemic, the increasing skills gap and competition for scarce talent. Consequently, the contractor has introduced a flexible working pilot on on of their sites. They have adopted new measures to ensure their staff return to…

English Lessons and Other Qualifications for Speakers of Other Languages

Published 16 August 2021 | Written by Wally Alvarez
CategoriesBenefits Cultural needs Disadvantaged groups Diversity Equality Illegal workers Language Differences Literacy training Modern slavery Numeracy training Training

This contractor have been working collaboratively with Lambeth College and London South Bank University (LSBU), to pilot a  programme which aims to upskill diverse members of their workforce who are foreign and often struggle with the English language, providing them with the opportunity to learn and feel more comfortable engaging with other people on site. This voluntary course will also…

Prison Leavers Academy

Published 26 July 2021 | Written by Rita Miller
CategoriesCommunity liaison Disadvantaged groups Equality Inclusion Training

This contractor is working on a the new prison Leicestershire for the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) as part of their new prison transformation programme. The MoJ have set Social Value KPI’s focusing on supporting prison leavers into employment. At this project the target is to create 100 jobs through the project with 25% of these to be for prison leavers…

Binny Sanitary Bins

Published 19 July 2021 | Written by Richie Dawson
CategoriesSanitary bins Toilets

This contractor trialled sanitary waste disposal from Binny. They Dispose of all sanitary and personal waste, are fully compliant with all legislation including HSE, EA and DOH and significantly reduces sanitary bin carbon footprint and cost savings. Using this system removes the need for sanitary bin suppliers and contracts. To find out more, click the link below.

Pride LGBTQ+ Helmet Stickers

Published 12 July 2021 | Written by Bruno Tiosso
CategoriesDiversity Equality Inclusion

In order to celebrate Pride Month, the contractor team on this project have provide Pride LGBTQ+ helmet stickers. Additional to this the contractor showed support to those celebrating Pride Month with banners placed at the vehicle gates and small flags were distributed to office workers.

Promoting Pride Month

Published 21 June 2021 | Written by John Cairns
CategoriesDiversity Equality Inclusion

The project team at this contractor participated in raising awareness of Pride Month through flying the Rainbow Flag on site. Flying the flag showed the contractor are supportive and inclusive of those celebrating Pride Month.