The Causes of Worker Fatigue

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There are multiple factors which can increase the risk of fatigue.

Long hours, consecutive shifts, irregular working schedules, night work and early starts are common in the industry. These factors are known to disrupt a person’s sleep/wake cycle, causing them to feel drowsy when they should be alert, and energised when they should be tired. Some workers may also be affected by specific religious or cultural practices. For example, practicing Muslims may experience lower energy levels during Ramadan, due to daylight fasting.

Construction work often involves repetitive tasks, which require long periods of focus and concentration. However, these aspects of work have been proven to increase fatigue. It is also common for people to use heavy equipment and carry heavy loads. Such work places a physical strain on individuals, which can quickly exacerbate the issue.

Construction workers also operate in challenging working environments. Noise and vibration, caused by plant, has been known to worsen fatigue. Extreme temperatures (from working outside) and poor visibility (from working underground or at night) are also known to have a negative effect.