Health and Wellbeing

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Although it is clear that work-related factors play a significant role in contributing to exhaustion, feelings of fatigue are also dependent on an individual’s lifestyle choices.

To reduce the risk of fatigue, management can:

  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle by promoting exercise, getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, avoiding caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and recreational drugs, and staying hydrated.
  • Invite a health professional on site to carry out health assessments and educate workers about the health risks associated with fatigue and the symptoms to look out for.
  • Host warm-up exercises before construction work commences to boost energy levels.
  • Encourage individuals to seek medical advice if they are concerned about their health and wellbeing or if signs of fatigue persist.
  • Provide guidance and advice for getting good quality sleep.
  • Signpost information and resources that will help individuals to make lifestyle choices which will improve their health and wellbeing.