Odour Monitoring Units ‘Electronic Noses’

Published 18 November 2020 | No comments
Written by Henry Latham
CategoriesAwareness Investigation Involvement Monitoring and reporting Supply chain Working methods and equipment
During pre-construction, the project team were looking for a method to objectively understand odours being released from remediation activities required on the former gasworks site. Existing methods currently rely on subjective sniff testing. The project team challenged their consultants to come up with an alternative method. Following discussions with remediation consultants, AECOM, the project team at Poplar procured three odour...

Cement Free Concrete Piling

Published 18 November 2020 | No comments
Written by Henry Latham
CategoriesInvestigation Reduce Supply chain
Portland cement accounts for approximately 5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. As the leading developer they have a responsibility to look for ways to reduce the impact our works have on both the local and global environment. Early discussions with the piling contractor, Keltbray, made the project team aware of Keltbray’s involvement in cement free concrete. As a result,...

Coronavirus Board

Published 19 October 2020 | No comments
Written by Shannon Hartigan
CategoriesHealthy lifestyle advice Medical conditions Occupational health risks Posters
The project team have created a coronavirus board which is positioned at the entrance to each building or site entrance. This board has three sections, the first identifies the coronavirus site specific rules along with what the main symptoms are and what to do if you have them. The second has a section for coronavirus related posters including the impact...

B-Eames Disc Cutter

Published 5 October 2020 | No comments
Written by Gary Gill
CategoriesInjuries Working methods
The B-Eames disc cutter has been implemented on this site. Using this product means there is no eye contact with the blade, better poster for occupational health, protection from debris. Following the laser line it is possible to cut 50 metres or more without marking the floor. There is also a battery powered water bottle that plugs in so no...

LeakNet Water Management System

Published 30 September 2020 | No comments
Written by Jessica Dowdy
CategoriesManagement Water saving measures
This project team are using the LeakNet system to reduce welfare facility and construction water usage. LeakNet measures pipe flow on a real time basis and learns the patterns of water usage on site. It can then identify abnormal water use patterns. For example, a constant steady flow throughout the night would be highlighted as unusual as water usually mostly...

Ensuring Social Distancing with Sky Hooks

Published 26 May 2020 | No comments
Written by Barnaby Blackman
CategoriesMedical conditions Occupational health risks
Due to the hot weather, our internal trades are working in plots with entrance doors open. To ensure other trades are not walking into a plot where another is working and putting them at risk, we have set up ID sky hooks outside plot entrances. Supervisors must distribute the sky hooks to their teams in the morning, after requesting the...

Coronavirus Champion

Published 18 May 2020 | No comments
Written by Barnaby Blackman
CategoriesHealthy lifestyle advice Medical conditions Occupational health risks Training
As our site is fully operational and has managed to stay open during the pandemic, We have now extended one of our site managers role as coronavirus champion. This job role entails the following: Operatives to have a point of call to voice concerns if they have any. Task brief operatives daily on any government/company updates. Check hand sanitiser points...

Managing Social Distancing during Coronavirus

Published 15 April 2020 | No comments
Written by Barnaby Blackman
CategoriesHealthy lifestyle advice Medical conditions Occupational health risks
As part of their new management obligations on the Holborough Lakes project due to the coronavirus pandemic, they have to ensure social distancing as stated by governments guidelines is adhered to. Collectively they have started a ‘THINK 2M’ campaign which is an open statement designed to help the staff and visitors think of: Think: How does social distancing affect them...

Sinks at Turnstiles

Published 8 April 2020 | No comments
Written by Shannon Hartigan
CategoriesAccess/egress Cleaning regime Healthy lifestyle advice Medical conditions
Due to the nature of the recent pandemic and the concerns for safety when entering/exiting site, we decided to install sinks with soap and blue roll either side of the turnstiles to ensure hygiene is at its best when coming into and leaving site. We also added sinks in the the main delivery gates too for the same reasons as...

Two Metre Marker Lines

Published 27 March 2020 | No comments
Written by Shannon Hartigan
CategoriesHealthy lifestyle advice Medical conditions
During the current pandemic and to meet government guidelines, we have sprayed lines two metres apart on all walkways and routes to and from site. This ensures everyone is staying a safe distance away from each and that we are working as safely as possible.

Road Safety Week with CEMEX

Published 25 November 2019 | No comments
Written by Charlotte Ross
CategoriesCycle safety Residents Risk information Roads Schools
Ahead of National Road Safety Week, over 1,000 local school children enjoyed a day of interactive workshops and classes to teach them about staying safe as cyclists and pedestrians. The team from Southall Waterside, including representatives from Berkeley and building materials supplier CEMEX, visited three primary schools in Southall in their third annual road safety campaign. The events also marked...

Learning a language with Duolingo

Published 18 November 2019 | No comments
Written by Mariyana Stoyanova
CategoriesCultural needs Diversity Equality Inclusion Language differences Language Differences Minority groups Recognition Reward
At South Quay Plaza (SQP), we value the diversity of our workforce and inclusivity is important to us, therefore a number of Berkeley Managers have embarked on a mission to learn the basics of a language which is common on site using Duolingo. Even simple phrases such as ‘hello’, ‘good morning’ and ‘how are you’ have made a positive impact...

Solar Pod Generator

Published 23 September 2019 | No comments
Written by Charlotte Ross
CategoriesCarbon management Efficient energy use Efficient fuel use Energy efficient accommodation Energy saving measures Noise Sustainable solutions
At Berkeley West Thames in Southall, we are committed to lowering emissions from our activities on site. As such, we encourage all our trade partners to strive towards our carbon objectives and targets. To this effect, FM Conway have brought to site a solar generator, the Autosmart Solar Pod, to power their welfare cabins. The Solar Pod charges batteries all...

Women into Construction

Published 23 September 2019 | No comments
Written by Charlotte Ross
CategoriesCareers advice Careers advice CSCS Diversity Equality Inclusion Skills card
Berkeley West Thames, West London College (WLC) and Women Into Construction (WIC) teamed up this summer to offer women an opportunity to kick start a career in construction by hosting a four week training programme at the West London Construction Academy (WLCA), located on Berkeley’s Southall Waterside development. The programme provided an insight into the vast career options available within...

Re-usable fabric door handle covers

Published 24 June 2019 | No comments
Written by Mariyana Stoyanova
CategoriesPlastics and packaging Reduce Sustainable procurement Sustainable solutions
At South Quay Plaza we are committed to minimise our use of disposable plastics, following the CCS ‘Spotlight on… plastics and packaging’ campaign. As part of this we have developed a plastics and packaging minimising strategy. Our latest initiative challenged us to review the different types of disposable plastic protection we use on site and find an alternative. A major...