Avoid Single-Use Plastics

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Although plastic is highly useful, most plastic products are single-use, with an estimated 50% of plastic being used once before being thrown away.

Ways to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics could include:

  • Instead of allowing employees to bring single-use plastics and packaging to site, provide the workforce with sustainable alternatives. The construction industry consumes tens of thousands of plastic cups every year.
  • Becoming free of single-use plastic on site by replacing plastic straws, plastic cutlery and plastic cups with paper, glass, metal or biodegradable alternatives.
  • Providing the workforce with re-usable bags so operatives do not bring their own single-use plastic bags onto site.
  • Avoiding using coloured plastics or plastics containing a mixture of polymers as these plastics cannot be recycled.
  • Providing the workforce with re-usable PPE including re-usable eyewear and overshoes.
  • Recycling used PPE including hard hats, face masks and goggles.
  • Using hoarding materials made from materials which can be re-used or recycled.