Examples of best practice

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The Scheme’s Best Practice Hub shares examples of construction industry best practice and innovation. There are a number of examples on the Hub of sites, companies and suppliers working to reduce their consumption of plastics and packaging.

Here are just a few examples of best practice:

  • Launching a single-use plastic reduction campaign across the business.
  • Holding a single-use plastics workshop to discuss the issue of plastic pollution.
  • Using re-usable metal stillages as an alternative to plastic packaging.
  • Replacing plastic tube mastic with foil tube mastic to prevent plastic waste.
  • Becoming free of single-use plastics in site canteens.
  • Using integrated closed loop recycling schemes for plastic and packaging materials.
  • Using a hard hat recycling scheme to prevent hard hats being disposed of to landfill.
  • Appointing a packaging waste champion to encourage operatives to reduce waste.
  • Providing colour coded waste skips to improve recycling and waste reduction.
  • Supplying pocket sized waste cards to all operatives to ensure compliance with waste regulations.

Read these examples in full by searching for ‘plastics and packaging’ on the Best Practice Hub.