Provide and Use Sustainable Materials

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At the end of most projects, 34% of waste produced on site consists of packaging. Contractors and suppliers should take responsibility and ensure alternatives to plastic packaging are used where possible.

Suppliers could minimise plastic packaging by:

  • Providing packaging containing a high recycled content. Using packaging with a high recycled content is more sustainable than other forms of packaging.
  • Supplying alternatives to plastic packaging including boxes, crates, pallets and containers made from bamboo, timber, plywood and cardboard.
  • Operating take-back schemes so plastic packaging can be returned to suppliers for re-use.
  • Delivering construction materials with minimal or no packaging to prevent waste disposal to landfill.

Contractors can reduce plastic packaging by:

  • Liaising with suppliers to ensure they are using packaging that can be re-used or recycled.
  • Specifying in contracts with suppliers that primary, secondary and tertiary packaging must be minimised.
  • Using suppliers who operate a sustainability policy and have a good recycling record.
  • Avoiding over-ordering materials and ordering materials in bulk to minimise the accumulation of plastic waste.